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Irasva unveils ‘Starring You’




IRASVA, the fine jewellery destination for modern women, strongly believe that Jewellery is an artistic form of self-expression. Presenting ‘Starring You’ by Irasva, exquisite jewels symbolizing brand’s design mastery & featuring ‘You’ as its core essence. This collection is truly inspired by our true self, the flaws, experiences that make us who we are. YOU are the hero of your story. delicate collection that resonates with our multifaceted brilliance and captures the spirit of life, surprises, ambitions and grit.


Lustrous jewels featuring binding and wire wrapping/coiling in compelling designs of Pendants, Rings, Earrings and Bangles form the essence of the collection’s design aesthetics. Use of white and champagne diamonds combined with an eclectic mix of wire wrapping and jaali work, results in a semi-heavy jewellery collection, suitable for evening cocktails, wedding reception, or even a date night out! These designer pieces while making a buoyant statement are powered by 3D printing based the technique, and a perfect unison of technique and artistry.


Ms Leshna Shah, Founder & Director, IRASVA says, ‘The engraving collection helps create a timeless memory for you & your loved ones. Drawing inspiration from the boundless wonders, our designers have very cleverly crafted jewellery to bring the minute attention to detail characterize each of our creations.”



Price – Starting INR 20,000 onwards


·         www.irasva.com

·         In Store – Address :

Kundamal House, 67, N S Patkar Marg, Gamdevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

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  • Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/irasvajewellery/?hl=en
  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/irasvajewellery/


Coronavirus Safety & Read lines:

 In order to proactively help combat the spread of COVID – 19, Irasva is taking all the following necessary precautions & safety to the keep the store, products & its customers safe.


  • All the jewellery is immediately disinfected after being handled by an employee or client
  • Hand sanitization and hand washing has been made a requisite for all the clients visiting the store or employees dealing with clients/or handling jewellery
  • All the employees have their temperature checked every day to identify any symptoms as early as possible
  • The online platforms are secure and operational. Customers can assuredly continue engaging and shopping at Irasva – Online Jewellery Shopping Store in India | Buy Designer Diamond Jewellery Online and can send any questions or thoughts on Instagram too.
About Irasva:

Irasva the pure emotions of ‘Ira’ or love form an eternal bond with ‘sva’, the essence of self, it gives birth to ‘Irasva’. It stands for the inseparable harmony of self-love. Irasva’s gold and diamond jewellery is a confluence of two shared ideologies that the modern woman lives by. Each creation brings alive fine craftsmanship that elevates simplicity to a style statement. Whether with linear lines or intricate weaves, your passion for minimalism finds expression through Irasva’s myriad of diamond and gold collections.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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