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IIJS Virtual is a big boon to the jewellery industry



Karan Garodia and Nidhi Garodia of Sanskriti Jewels want everyone in the sector to get together with renewed energy for business to come back on track

 What are your views on the first-ever virtual IIJS?

KG:The world is going through an unprecedented time and virtual has become the new normal. We are excited about conducting business on a virtual platform, because it is comprehensive and focussed when it comes to one-to-one meetings, unlike in the physical version. At this juncture, as the leader of the trade body, the best thing that GJEPC can offer to our industry is the virtual version of the IIJS show. I feel that it’s a boon in disguise for all of us. Now, the onus is on us to grab this opportunity, pull up our socks to make it successful.

What should retailers expect from you in terms of collections?

NG:Life is too short for boring jewellery. All my pieces are very colourful, vibrant and classy. Some that you will see in the virtual IIJS are ‘Spring is here’, inspired by the mother nature, ‘Cindrella’ and ‘Pink is She’ ( the name of the collection was not clear)  that tells the story of every pink shade that associates with women. Coloured stones are my heroes and always will be. I use them in unusual shapes and pastel shades. They are soothing to the eyes. Our collections become conversation starters at weddings and festivals.

Do you think your customers would like a digital-ready inventory to be used by retailers on their social media platforms?

KG:We are ready with our virtual platform. We have AI-enabled technology, so end customers can check how they look in our products too.

What is your take on the next 6 months? What is your advice to retailers who are coming to meet you at the IIJS virtual?

KG:The lockdown was an opportunity to strengthen and improvise. We worked with conviction to transform ourselves into a reformed organisation. Retailers will get a modern, affluent and  seamless working experience with us. Covid has largely impacted the higher spending sectors and a major chunk of their spending will be diverted to jewellery. Retailers should equip themselves with advanced infrastructure to help with uninterrupted experience at the show. Together, let’s get our industry back on track.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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