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IIDGR-RJIF2017 Modern Retailing



The IIDGR Retail Jeweller India Forum 2017 (RJIF), in its third edition, offered jewellers a firm understanding of the consumer, market drivers, tax policies and competitive retail landscape  to orient them for success in the new and more organized retail environment. Looking back at a turbulent year that witnessed several policy changes and reflecting on issues that dominated the industry, RJIF 2017 themed “Modern Retailing” brought together experts to discuss and debate on topics that will help retailers develop a deeper understanding of business.

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The service providers’ gallery was a key attraction at RJIF 2017. With the advent of organised retail, jewellers across India are aggressively on the lookout for professional organisations with proven experience in the jewellery industry with whom they can collaborate to develop the precise retail solutions they need.

Given the fragmented nature of the industry and the high concentration of service providers in the metro cities, it is often difficult if not tedious for retail jewellers to identify the best resource for a particular service. RJIF 2017 filled this void by picking companies that have strong, demonstrated synergies with jewellery retail’s requirements, and bringing them together on a single platform.

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