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Honesty and customer satisfaction are key aspects for a successful business

Retail Jeweller India



Arpit Goyal, Owner, Ambrus Jewels,

The Retail Jeweller touches the light side of a hard-working jeweller, Arpit Goyal, Owner, Ambrus Jewels, which is indeed fun to read.

–Manoj Chakraborty

The political leader I admire the most and why?

Amit shah because I think he has really good leadership qualities.

The business leader I admire the most why?

Mukesh Ambani because he is among few Indians who seeks India as a land of opportunities and encourages the youth to be entrepreneurs.

A book or a movie I would like to recommend for others and why?

Losing my virginity book by Richard Branson. I think it’s a great heroic autobiography of achieving one’s dream and conquering the world through adventures and facing tough times.

Had I not been in the jewellery business I would have been?

An Economics professor.

My biggest test as a decision-maker?

Putting my career in danger and not doing my post-graduation was a tough decision as I was following my professional interest in diamonds and there was no surety of success.

My favourite holiday destination?

Swiss Alps in Switzerland is one of my favourite places.

My favourite cuisine?

I think nothing can beat the spiciness of Indian food so Indian cuisine.

Newspapers, TV channels, and websites I like?

Voxyoutube channel because I think they make the best video on world issues and being a designer. I love to explore new books from where I draw inspiration for my designs.

Favourite restaurant?

The big chill café.

My de-stress mantra?

Watching movies and reading books.

Political personalities from history I would love to meet in person?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

My business principle and success mantra?

Fair business practice and believe in customer satisfaction is most important aspect for a successful business.

One thing I would love to do differently?

I want to adopt a different approach in terms of the sale and purchase of luxury jewellery.

My hobby?

Travelling, reading and listening to inspirational thought from different minds.

What happiness means to you?

Happiness for me is learning new things every day it could be through socializing, reading new stuff and meeting and share ideas with different people around you.

My leadership style?

Business is about people around you and the biggest leadership style I believe is in the power of being optimistic for a good leader being optimistic to take people together and inspire them to follow is important.

Business ethics or business profit?

Business profits are important for any organization to sustain, but they are also short term gain, to sustain for the long term, one has to practice business ethics in the organization. It thereby helps in sustainable growth of society and the people around us.


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