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Holding up a MirrAR to your customers: A digital solution for the new normal



The digital revolution has finally hit the jewellery sector and the transition has not been easy for many. While most of us are grappling for solutions, The Retail Jewellers tells you about a magical platform that can turn your trade around, all with the help of augmented reality. Meet MirrAR, the best accessory you can pair with your online sales plan

The days are gone when walking into a store and trying out jewellery was a breeze. The new normal means people are only straying out in utmost necessity, which spells a dampener for the industry. Social events like weddings have been postponed and workplaces have also shifted home, so the buying spree is stunted. The sector is slowly going online, but you still need a little help there, because people want the joy that an in-store experience brings in a predominantly traditional sector. Worry not; MirrAR could be your liberator.

MirrAR is a real-time, augmented reality platform for retail brands that enables consumers to virtually try products on and experience how it feels to own them before the actual purchase, both in-store and online. Your customers can access your infinite inventory for hassle-free, virtual try-ons, and you can also integrate the technology to your websites so that clients can see how your pieces look on them as they browse through designs. The result: increased sales and reduced return rates.

A testimony to its success is the Forevermark Forum, which could go digital for the first time this year because of the helping hand from MirrAR, a platform that is revolutionizing the industry.

How does this help? Your retail space is not witnessing a lot of footfall because people are scared to step out and touch things. Sales are down because customers have an inherent need to try on any piece before they buy it. MirrAR offers the solution on a silver platter. All your designs can now be virtually tried on by customers, that too from the comfort of their homes, and the experience is as close to the in-store experience as it can get.

Retailers at the Forevermark Forum had a seamless experience with the virtual process, thanks to MirrAR. Sachin Jain, the managing director of Forevermark in India, feels that this is a much-needed platform. “Jewellery shopping is all about the touch and feel of the product. However, as we progress towards the virtual world, MirrAR has made it possible for customers to view and experience something before visiting a store. They helped us launch the Forevermark Red Carpet Collection of 2020 through their platform,” he said.

The pieces were not physically available, but MirrAR’s advanced platform allowed anyone to try them on virtually.

“We received a lot of positive feedback. Not only could people try on the pieces virtually but also click photographs of themselves with them,” he said.

MirrAR’s association with Forevermark not only catapulted the platform to a global audience, but also explained how a retailer benefits. Currently, there are 250 jewellers across 44 cities globally, who trust the product for increasing their sales & customer engagement

“Buying any kind of jewellery is an experience. It not only encompasses ‘owning’ it, but also the experience when you try it on. It hits your core and tells you that you are beautiful. Forevermark’s Red Carpet collection featured pieces that we have only seen celebrities wear. We made this available to the media and our platform made everyone feel like a celebrity. What most people appreciated was how real it felt. So, when jewellers collaborate with us for their websites, they enable customers to sit at home and see how a piece looks on them and what it makes them feel. The pandemic has pushed everything online, and I feel our platform will enhance the sales experience, both for the customer and the retailer,” said Meghna Saraogi, CEO and founder of MirrAR.

Not only has the platform impressed at a big-ticket event like the Forevermark Forum, but independent retailers and stores are also in a happy space because of their service. Take DP Abhushan, for instance. They came across MirrAR at an event in New Delhi and were immediately won over with what the brand had to offer.

“We met Meghna in 2018. MirrAR worked for us because we are always looking for innovative solutions that will boost our sales. The platform is seamless because it updates regularly to suit the constantly changing customer demands. I am sure the customers feel the same way,” said Amit Bandi, CEO of DP Abhushan.

Visiting brick-and-mortar stores is becoming a thing of the bygone era, so holding on to customers is no easy task. This is where MirrAR is your best friend, because it is open to ideating for you to reach out to as many people as it can. One such collaboration happened with DP Abhushan.

“We opened up a lounge at the airport with MirrAR just before the pandemic struck. Almost 10,000-15,000 travellers accessed the app and came to know about our services. We got calls during the pandemic from these people and they asked us for a live experience at our stores. We did a virtual tour of wedding jewellery too, and the platform helped us capitalize,” said Bandi. “MirrAR has tailor-made packages as per your needs. Be it a big corporate house or a small retailer, they have a solution for everyone.”

Jain feels the jewellery industry is slowly transitioning into the digital sphere, and MirrAR will play a major role. “AI is the future. Technology is evolving every day and we must embrace the benefits it brings. Incorporating technology will enhance the retail experience for customers, and help both online and in-store sales,” he said.

Bandi strongly agrees with Jain when it comes to a digital future for jewellery shopping. “There is a huge cry to go online now, especially with the way things are. With people chasing us constantly, this has become the need of the hour. One must try out MirrAR. It is one of the best live experiences you will come across,” he said.

Thus, a solution for the future is here. We say, try MirrAR, and see your future change right before your eyes.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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