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Gemfields Hosts Ruby Masterclass Experience In Dubai




Jewellery specialist and author Joanna Hardy led the sessions and shared the secrets behind this fiery king of gems

Following the success of “Ruby”, a coffee table book commissioned by Gemfields and written by Joanna Hardy, the world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones held morning and evening masterclass experiences at Intersect By Lexus in DIFC’s Gate Village.

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Joanna led guests through the fascinating history of ruby, from the ancient mines of Burma to famous pieces of jewellery that the gem has appeared in, as well as how spinel (another beautiful red stone) was confused with ruby for centuries.

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A gemology lesson was also included, with Joanna discussing the most exciting recent ruby deposit discovered in Mozambique, and how ruby’s red colour can greatly vary depending on its geographic origin. Guests could see these differences first hand from the array of loose rubies showcased at the event, and Joanna outlined some of the pioneering grading systems that Gemfields has developed for their gemstones.

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Today the gemstone supplier also owns the iconic jewellery house of Fabergé with a number of their stunning ruby jewels on view at the masterclass. Gemfields works closely with a number of other jewellery brands that use their gems, including Stephen Webster, Bina Goenka and Pomellato.

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Joanna’s masterclasses complement the content of her “Ruby” book by developing a historical and technical appreciation of this famous gemstone, so that the latest ruby jewels can be cherished for their background, beauty and rarity.


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