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For Antara Jewellery, teaming up with a fashion show made for effective direct marketing




The brand got to promote awareness about it to a relevant audience comprising women entrepreneurs, celebrities and prominent professionals

On June 2, at a fashion show held on the campus of the Le Mark School of Fashion in Andheri, the fusion couture sported by the models walking the ramp had an added sparkle, courtesy Antara Jewellery that provided the jewellery to match every outfit.

“The Women’s Wing of the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) are associated with this fashion show and when they approached us to be a part of it, we saw value in it,” says Tejas Nagda, Business Development Officer, Antara Jewellery Private Limited.

For Antara Jewellers, the idea was to promote awareness about the brand to a relevant audience comprising women entrepreneurs, celebrities and prominent professionals. “It was the right target audience for us,” says Nagda, “The 700 people attending the show included IMC Women’s Wing members, other women’s groups, Juhu Rotary Club members, well known professionals and celebrities, besides a lot of people from the jewellery community and a jewellery influencer.”



The first step for the team from Antara Jewellery was to meet designers and students who were going to design the outfits to understand the scope of matching jewellery with them. They met once a week and it took the team almost a month to gear up for the show, pairing the brand’s existing gold, diamond and Polki collections with costumes, and also creating some new pieces. The jewellery had to look like a collection for all the models walking in a particular sequence. In one of the sequences, the IMC Women’s Wing members were walking the ramp, so they also visited the Antara store to pick what they wanted for their outfits.

Matching one-to-one

Four collections from Antara Jewellery were showcased at the show, including ‘Glamour’ and Antara’s signature ‘Titli’ collection. New designs under the ‘Dazzle’ range were created specifically for the fashion show.

Nagda is not sure that the jewellery that has been matched with costumes at the show will be marketed along with the costumes, but the brand will use photos and reels from the fashion show for promotions.

For Antara Jewellery, the take-away was that a lot of people who were not aware of the brand came to know about it, and liked the jewellery they create. “One learning for me is that we should actually do this form of direct marketing, meeting with people, showing them our pieces, something that we haven’t been doing lately,”sums up Nagda.

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