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Floral Jewellery Collection by Ambrus Jewels



While floral motif jewellery is not new, but we have now made with beautiful modern designing and detailing, making it the biggest bridal trend to watch out for. From mehendi designs to outfits, jewellery one can include floral jewellery as a symbol of good fortune, eternity, wealth and purity.

Although floral jewellery is perfect for spring, with its growing popularity this trend can now be seen year-round! Floral jewellery has made a serious comeback over the past few years and as you can see, this bold yet elegant trend is here to stay!

Our floral collection consists of beautiful floral rings, necklace, earrings and bracelets.  Floral motifs are most popular in earrings and necklace. They create soft yet unexpected looks that can be worn for occasions ranging from cocktail parties to date night. If you want to ease into this trend, a pair of earrings is the way to go. It’s the simplest and most versatile way to elevate your look. The trend certainly isn’t limited to earrings and necklace. One can take any look to the next level with a touch of nature’s charm in the form of cascading rings, sparkling diamond bracelets that pay homage to spring’s iconic beauties.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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