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Bridal Treasure: Jewellery Pieces for your Trousseau by Kalyan Jewellers



Jewellery adds a touch of perfect luster to every Indian bride. The elaborate jewellery that a bride adorns speaks volumes about our Indian culture and tradition, making it distinctive. Wearing jewellery isn’t a customary tradition for the women in our country, but each and every piece of jewellery has a sentiment attached to it.

A bridal trousseau is a collection of extravagant jewellery pieces that a bride intends to wear not only on the wedding day but throughout her married life. In India, these bridal trousseau jewellery pieces are restored and kept as prized possessions, which are then passed on from one generation to another.

While a bride might want to put in as many things as possible in a trousseau list, traditionally jewellery has been an integral part of this treasured piece of luggage that a bride carries to her husband’s house after her marriage.

Here’s a list of jewellery pieces you can opt to have in your bridal trousseau by Kalyan Jewellers.


If you like floral jewellery, this pair of gold earrings with elegant gemstones is a must-have in your collection. With precious red stones placed on either ends along with polka placed in the centre, the pair of earrings are set to stand out in any wedding.

Bangles are an essential when it comes to Indian attire. The magnificent shine on the gold accompanies the retrofitted floral polka stones. With its central design embodying Goddess Lakshmi, the bangle purposes the bride’s beauty.

With a unique broad fitting, this trendy adjustable gold ring in the form of a wild flower has been embedded with a red fancy gemstone at the center, surrounded by leaves- thus giving it an eye-catchy look. This elegantly styled finger ring in simple design will glam up any ook!

This elegantly designed Maang Tikka is traditional in the making with a simple gold centre like pendant with three different chains. The middle chain is decorated with flowers and semi-precious gemstones in green, pink and white colour. The centre of the Maang Tikka is embedded with a red precious gemstone with small hanging gold balls, making it the perfect adornment for a bride’s forehead.

This intricately designed piece of jewellery is a decorative and traditional ornament. It is studded with pearls, and semi-precious pink and red gemstones, especially the stones that amount to the chain and centre of the nath. The droplet of pearl in the crux of the nath gives it a delicate look, which will surely enhance the beauty and facial features.

Exude sheer elegance as you adorn this sassy and trendy choker piece. Studded with precious stones and diamonds in a unique way inspired from traditional Marwari choker sets, the matching heavy jhumkas with floral inspired designs on bangles; this piece will surely make you look radiating.

The nature-inspired floral embossed motifs in layered jewellery neckpiece with dangling gemstones is sure to enhance any bride’s attire! Also, the beautiful earrings and bangles embedded with diamonds give a classy appeal and complement this exquisite jewellery neckpiece.

The subtle blend of shades of pink upholding the intricate design of Goddess Lakshmi, courses a divine, traditional appeal to this necklace. The dainty dome shaped charm of the diamond and pink gemstone enhances the glow of the ethnic accoutrement.

The multi-layered neckpiece is perfect for someone who radiates elegance and grace. The jewellery set is set to amplify the panache of the bride, giving her a sophisticated and refined appearance.

Enthrall and entice yourself for any function   you wear this exquisite necklace crafted in fine yellow gold and diamonds. The unique pattern of this polki jewellery set, encrusted with diamonds precious stones and diamonds is sure to add to ones glow, radiating happiness like fragrance from a flower!

Vibrant, bold and sure of herself, such are the brides of today. And for her exclusively, is this carefully designed set an audacious combination of yellow gold, diamonds and rubies.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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