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Finnati releases poignant heartfelt videos capturing myriad caring moments of fatherhood




Father’s day has just gone by. But the love for our friend, philosopher and guide continues to outpour across the country over an occasion that has recently been popular. Jewellers across the country have taken different routes to acknowledging the contribution of fathers and celebration fatherhood. While most have celebrated this momentous day either by conveying a strong message for media or by launching specialised men’s collections. Finnati, Ahmedabad, has taken an interesting detour by sharing videos that capture myriad sentiments and roles a father plays in the lives of their children in the form of poignant and heartfelt poems dedicated to their beloved fathers.

The brand shared 8 original poems and anecdotes from people all over the country and linguistic groups. From a toddler praising her father for protecting her to a poet praising the values of fatherhood, the poems were recited in Hindi, English, Gujarati and several other languages. Anushree and Vrushali Shah, Chandani Shah, Ankit Trivedi, Shayna Fozdar, Jhanvi Patel, Shumona Agarwal, Alisha & Tanya, and Barsha Bhojani shared their heartfelt praises for their fathers.

Since the contributions have come from across the country, the brand has achieved a phenomenal reach with the initiative. In terms of comments, likes and views, Finnati increases its reach among new customer cohorts, to whom it has presented an identity of a sensitive and responsive jewellery brand.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller Exclusives

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