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The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What has been the greatest lesson learnt during the pandemic?

Gursimran Chadda (GC): My greatest learning has been to be content with what you have and enjoy the present.

TRJ: The business leader you admire the most and why?

GC: Ratan Tata, because he is humble and compassionate.

TRJ: Your favourite holiday destination?


GC: Any beach destination.

TRJ: Your favourite cuisine?

GC: I am a big foodie and love trying different cuisine, but my favourite is Asian.

TRJ: Had you not been in the jewellery business, what would you have been?

GC: I would have gotten into the Food and Beverage industry.

TRJ: Your de-stress mantra?

GC: Taking a short holiday and listening to music.

TRJ: A book or a movie you would like to recommend to others?

GC: The book would be ‘Shoe Dog’ and the movies would be ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘The Intern’.

TRJ: Newspapers and TV channels you like?

GC: Economic Times, Wion news and The Economist.

TRJ: Political personalities from history you would love to meet in person and why?

GC: Bhagat Singh for his braveness and courage.

TRJ: Your business principle and success mantra?

GC: Brilliant customer service and giving customers a luxurious experience are everything in this industry.

TRJ: What happiness means to you?

GC: Happiness to me is spending quality time with friends and family.

TRJ: Your leadership style?

GC: Keep motivating your team and always be open to feedback.

TRJ: If you had a message for the gems and jewellery industry, what would

it be?

GC: Educate your customers and work with full transparency.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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