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Abhishek Rastogi walks us through Tanishq’s Rhythms of Rain range and its inspirations



Abhishek Rastogi walks us through Tanishq’s Rhythms of Rain range and its inspirations

Inspiration is the key to creativity. The Rhythms of Rain collection by Tanishq is no exception. The brand has showcased an exceptional journey shouldering Tanishq Design Head Abhishek Rastogi’s vision, right from the first instance of an idea striking him to piecing together amazing gemstones to create the collection.

The video uploaded on Instagram in the second week of July showcases Rastogi sitting at a forested location, with his drawing pad and a cup of beverages, drawing the first outlines of the dark clouds atop him. Romantic and thoughtful, we see Rastogi narrating the entire spectrum of ideas that he took from rain, water droplets shaking atop lotus leaves, the shape of every natural element culminating and contributing to the brilliant jewellery range.

Monsoon has been the subject of interest in Rhythms of Rain, and the video effortlessly shifts its focus from nature to Rastogi’s mood boards where we see brilliant diamonds and precious gemstones such as aquamarines, emeralds, tanzanites, tourmalines, and even rarer stones such as Ethiopian opals getting encrusted for the finale. Interestingly, the different forms of clouds have been individually crafted to form a pair of earrings in this collection. Similarly, varying shapes of raindrops have been used to create pieces.

The final touch of the video is stunning to realize. Rastogi says that the Rhythms of Rain diamond jewellery collection is special not only because of its design brilliance, but also for the fact that the natural inspirations used is exclusive to the Indian climate and geography. What more does one need to stand out? What else does a product promotional video need to grab eyeballs!

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