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Diamonds gaining more popularity among millennials



Jignesh Mehta, Founder and Managing Director, Divine Solitaires

Divine Solitaires disrupted the diamond industry in 2006 as the only loose solitaire brand in India, and slowly created a niche for itself in the solitaire diamond market. Currently, they are also actively involved in designing and retailing exquisite and fine solitaire jewellery through prominent retail presence all over India.

Between 2006 and the present, a lot has changed for the brand. From just loose solitaires, they are now focusing on becoming synonymous with premium solitaire jewellery. The allure of solitaires is such that there is no specific age to wear them. But most people believe that solitaires are too expensive with very little asset value. A couple of decades ago, this would have been true. Over the last 10 years, the attention has turned to solitaire diamonds, especially with millennials.

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Input – Charticle Source KPMG report

A greater part of India’s population falls in the age group of 20-35 years. They either have steady, well-paying jobs or aspire to have one soon. Moreover, they are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest international trends and it is no different when it comes to jewellery. Solitaire jewellery resonates well with them because it is contemporary, light in weight and versatile. It makes more sense to millennials than bulky gold jewellery because they need something that they can wear to work, to a party, a family function or on a business trip.

For the millennials, solitaire jewellery has become a very integral part of their lifestyle in the form of an engagement ring, wedding ring or couple bands as anniversary gifts. It’s that one piece of jewellery that compliments all modern looks. These adornments not just serve its own purpose but also becomes an attractive ornament for all their outfits. With so many millennials keen on having solitaire engagement rings, there is an exponentially growing demand for this category.

Divine Solitaires offers a wide range of solitaires for all occasions, that are of the highest quality and sport the most superior cut, the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut. The Hearts & Arrows pattern, which is present in just about 1% of the world’s diamonds, is present in every Divine Solitaires diamond. When it comes to solitaire jewellery, no one reads solitaires better than them. Therefore, each design that is created, mirrors the preferences of consumers and what they seek in terms of style and design.


Each of their solitaires undergoes the most stringent quality check and is then quality guaranteed on 123 parameters. The brand’s diamonds are 100% certified, and ethically and responsibly sourced only from mines that share the same ideology.



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