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De Beers Forevermark diamonds sparkle differently and customers don’t need to be told anything else when they hear the brand name



Dhruv Jhaveri from Madanji Meghraj Calcutta has two stores– one in Kolkata and one in Baroda. He has been a staunch Forevermark patron for four years now, and talks to Samit Bhatta, publisher, The Retail Jeweller India magazine, about his expectations from the De Beers Forevermark Forum

You have been stocking and retailing De Beers Forevermark products in your stores. How has the brand impacted your business?

We have been with De Beers Forevermark for four years now. Their products are the best and the kind of grading that they have for their jewellery is exceptional. It shows at the counter itself. You keep Forevermark jewellery at the counter and it differentiates from all the other pieces in the showroom. It’s been very nice, and the kind of education they give to the regular people shows when we get customers at our shop. They blindly trust the brand and the moment they hear the name “Forevermark”, they don’t need to be told anything else. The best thing is how they are educating people about diamonds beyond the 4Cs. Customers get more than the certification — they know that they have the best diamond in the market.

With your earlier stint in the US, what is your professional opinion about De Beers Forevermark?

When we decided to start stocking Forevermark diamonds, there were certain roadblocks we faced. People kept saying that this is just a big brand and that Forevermark will be needlessly expensive. But when we went ahead and investigated, we found that there is some truth in the products. They were so many times better. Its not just their marketing, but the stringent checks that set them apart. Among so many other brands, it is Forevermark whose products speak for themselves.

You operate in the East, which is a gold-heavy territory. What is your opinion about the diamond market there?

People are becoming aware about the brand. Although the east is gold heavy, the youth is asking for diamonds. Engagement rings are diamonds, whatever societal strata people come from. Even if they buy a small diamond, they do this.

De Beers Forum is celebrating 75 years of the tagline “A diamond is forever.” What are your expectations from the forum?

The forum is a recharge pill for me. We get inspired by the amazing speakers talking about the future. It is very educational and you get meet manufacturers and other retailers, and learn from their marketing plans. We look forward to the event.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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