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Vivek Das, Founder, Synergics Solutions Pvt. Ltd, believes adoption of technology-driven business solutions is increasing in the jewellery industry, and is visible even in Tier II and Tier III cities


As we experienced the digital revolution, many companies tried to get their pieces together. An inherent problem identified was the software being disintegrated and not built on the latest tech stack, making it impossible to scale. At Synergics, this was foreseen way ahead of time, and we built the first cloud-based integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the jewellery industry more than a decade back. Now, with the latest tech stack, there is no problem with regard to scalability, as it has worked with 5,000 concurrent users and crores of transactions.


Creating the omni channel: Scalable and robust applications ensure real time data across all the channels. Availability of a jewellery piece has to be in real time in stores or online or in marketplaces. This is achieved through a host of APIs which continuously talk to the ERP. Customer satisfaction: With processes and state of the art technology, billing time has been reduced to less than a minute even in Tier II and Tier III cities. Precise procurement: Our app built on React Native technology with API linked to the ERP ensures that data images of lakhs of items are never a challenge to load. This, in turn, helps the retailer to visually see what has been sold and what is available, with performance making the procurement decision accurate and real time.

Large data processing in real time: Introducing a separate engine for price calculation, which wouldn’t interfere with the normal daily transactions, makes it faster, seamless and accurate.


Security, stability and compliances are an integrated part of adopting an ERP. This has been a critical audit issue for a lot of companies and we have found the right certifications to ensure that this never becomes a concern (SOC 2 Type 2 and VAPT to name a few). With the Government insisting on an audit trail, we are ready and so should the retailer be.

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