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In a conversation with The Retail Jeweller,
Rahul Jain, Director, Radhika Jewelscraft, talks about his aim to fulfil the needs of the customers and strive to find the right balance between innovative design and price point.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What is your core competency?
Rahul Jain (RJ): As jewellery manufacturers and designers, our core competency lies with our expertise with Kundan. We are among a very limited number of jewellers in Jaipur who offer a complete break up of Kundan Jewellery. We also work with kundan on 22 karat hallmarked gold.

TRJ: How important is innovation for you?
RJ: Any form of art is mundane without innovation. Innovation not only allows us to attract buyers but also inspires us to work harder and deliver something new. Innovation is one of the most essential aspects of our craft.

TRJ: Between price point and design, which feature influences your offerings more?
RJ: Both design and price play a significant role in defining our dexterity. The distinguishing factor lies here with the customer. A certain segment of our customers prefer to adorn unique designs irrespective of the price they pay. However, another part of the customers is more sensitive to the price of the product.

TRJ: What among buying patterns, design trends and consumer sensibilities influence your offerings the most?
RJ: Most of our creations are inspired from the medieval era. Through our craft, we aim to stay in touch with our roots and reflect upon the strength of our history. In fact, the taste of our customers has changed drastically and people are starting to go back to their ancestries. Hence, our team seeks inspiration from our history and builds on its craft so as to ensure our designs are exquisite in their appeal and traditional in their approach.

TRJ: What are your upcoming plans?
RJ: For the near future, we plan to open a new factory in Sitapura, Jaipur. This will assist us in catering to a wider customer segment and ensure smoother operations. Creatively, we would be launching a new collection. It will be revealed soon and is inspired from the rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan.

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