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Children’s jewellery in india



Indians love jewellery for its opulence and symbolism, and if there’s one area of the jewellery business that lies totally untapped, it’s the children’s jewellery market. Don’t we start buying jewellery for children as soon as they are born, but there’s more to the world of children’s jewellery than bracelets and charms.
So, why is children’s jewellery not huge in India? We got in touch with the some biggies of the Indian jewellery market to get the answer to this question and also find out what is trending in this specialised area.

According to Abhineet Boochra, Director – Sangeeta Boochra & Silver Centrre, there are not many companies selling children’s jewellery In india and it is not even an organized market. The label is one of the very few companies that got into this ahead of the market and have been selling children’s jewellery for many years now, for age ranging from 3 months to 15 years.

Boochra suggests that Indian consumers mostly buy nazariya (protection charm), stud earrings, anklets, bangles, bracelets, small pendants, and toys like a bell or a car, and that’s the reason for the industry being so limited.

But, Boochra feels that with the increasing influence of social media, children of growing age have also become direct consumers of jewellery as they are aware of the products available online for their age group and they put their choice in front of their parents, which is an interesting change observed lately.

Children’s jewellery is no longer just about that classic feel, it needs to be very much on trend, whether it’s the metal colour, the theme or character of the season. “Children are very much in touch with current trends so the jewellery needs to be relevant. Currently, our best sellers are enamel stud earrings and bracelets,” says Boochra.

Another, very important factor that dominates this market is the fact that people are always on a lookout for a thoughtful gift for a newborn or to celebrate a child’s birthday as it’s a very big occasion in India.

Speaking of the trends dominating the market right now, Boochra suggests that white and rose gold options are a hit with children. “Baby brooches is a big market with different enamel or pink shade or a light blue and a violet, off green. This technique involves meenakari work on fine jewellery,” adds the jeweller.

Kids are fast becoming a decisive bunch when it comes to jewellery. Megha Khanna from Resa Fine Jewellery feels there aren’t many options for three to eight-year-old demographic so the demand for stylish, inspirational, high-quality jewellery for kids is strong. “I feel the key to fulfilling the demand in this area is great product at the right price. The most popular styles are our offering of bangles; they are well-priced and can fit a wide range of children during their growth and development,” says Megha.

According to Megha, the current trends include bracelets and bangles. “They are more popular these days than brooches, and young parents seem to like white gold and silver pieces. Also, kids have a lot of influence, and they often pick jewellery based on their favourite colour or what they’re interested in at that time,” adds Megha.

Children’s jewellery has well and truly moved on from its traditional beginnings. With the category expanding to cater to increasingly-savvy boys and girls, jewellers are doing their best to embrace what this slice of the market desires.

Jewellery for children has always had a foot – or tiptoe – in the market, starting with traditional items such as christening bangles and commemorative brooches. “These days the category has well and truly evolved and now encompasses charm bracelets, earrings and pearls that cater to budding fashionistas,” feels Arpit Goyal of Ambrus Jewels.

“I have noticed a steady growth in this category over the last few years,” adds Arpit, According to him, studs and adjustable bangles are the top performers, particularly engravable pieces that can be personalised and which give us an opportunity to add sentimental value to a sale.

“There has definitely been more of a demand for sterling silver children’s bracelets and bangles. Not surprising, the rose gold popularity in jewellery has worked well for our children’s range. Girls love shiny metals and pink, so the combination has shown a significant rise in demand when compared to enamel based finishes – it has become ‘on trend’ in a way,” he concludes.


Courtesy: TOI

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