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Chawla Jewellers strives to create a positive initiative in the industry with its gold rate app




The jewellery brand also has plans to explore an e-commerce setup that will seamlessly link the application and gold jewellery purchase for the customers’ convenience

New Delhi: As far as digital and technological innovation is concerned, mobile applications are among the most accessible digital tools available to people. As for jewellery consumers, a gold rate application, recently launched by New Delhi-based Chawla Jewellers, is a time-saving convenience, helping them know more about the live gold rates, track the gold price trends and also calculate the jewellery bill. 

With gold having always been the metal of choice for a majority of weddings across India, customers tend to research gold prices, sometimes just a few months before the weddings. In the view of Dhruv Chawla, Director, Chawla Jewellers, Preet Vihar, some of the app’s features are still in the pilot mode since it has only launched a week ago. However, with the help of this app which was developed in cooperation with Chirayu Software, the brand aims to build trust and confidence in their customers.


“The app majorly comprises three functions, which are the gold rate calculator, the live gold rate and the gold trend feature. The gold rate trend comes directly from Kitco. We want customers should always feel empowered when they buy jewellery. Wherever they go and whichever jewellery brand they shop with, they can instantly open the app and compare the rates, even from the comfort of their homes”, said Chawla.

He added that by enabling customers to check and track the gold prices and trends on their own and from a single reliable source customers could benefit tremendously from such transparency and clarity. “They don’t need to worry about browsing multiple links online and spending a long time looking at different confusing sources for the live gold rates that the application provides at their fingertips”, explained Chawla.

While the jewellery house has launched the gold rate application for their customers, they are also assisting the app developers in connecting with other retail jewellers, since this is a positive initiative for the entire jewellery industry. Moreover, the jeweller is also positive that their application will help boost the brand’s identity in the long run.

Going ahead, Chawla said that they will also add more features like e-commerce to the application to offer a seamless connect for customers as the brand has been getting quite a lot of enquiries from existing and new customers from all across India.

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