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Charu Jewels leads by example as a jewellery house where work meets play  



Charu Jewels invests in employee happiness for business success with their engaging Funday Meets

The leadership team at Charu Jewels organizes a monthly Funday Meet, which includes interactive group discussions with specific agendas like design sprints, internal role-plays, fun challenges, and simple mind-games.

The exclusive Charu Lounge situated in Surat is the perfect venue for these sessions. The lounge has a dedicated section for holding these weekly townhouses, where the entire team gathers for fun discussions or team activities. The team participating and conducting the meet includes their sales executives, jewellery designers, operational heads, financial and accounting team, leadership team, and marketing team.

“We have been doing these activities for our team for the last 6-7 years. It is a voluntary exercise for the entire team at Charu Jewels as our leadership team does not believe in forcing things on our employees. Anyone who wishes to participate within the team could do so, but in general, everyone ends up participating willingly,” says Nikhil Desai, Director at Charu Jewels.

Some of the other fun activities that Charu Jewels organizes every month include design sprints where the entire team does group brainstorming to come up with creative solutions for challenges faced by their jewellery designers. The team is divided into groups of three and provided with specific challenges. They have to present their ideas after 15 – 20 mins sprints.

Another popular activity is inter-role plays, where people step into different roles to experience different perspectives and mindsets. By shifting roles at Charu Jewels, every team member develops empathy and awareness about all the kind of work that takes place at Charu Jewels.

“Our fundays are organized without any business objective. We value our team and their development over our business goals. Our leaders believe, if the team at Charu Jewels is happy and growing, the company will never have to worry about its growth,” adds Desai. Charu Jewels also organizes workshops and seminars for their employees on topics apart from Jewellery, providing them with holistic development. The brand uses innovative approaches towards the learning and development of their employees.

The objective of the brand is to ensure that they help their employees develop their emotional, physical, and intellectual skills along with being able to gain continuous career growth by making their work experience more fulfilling.

Written by Janhavi Ganguly

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