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CaratLane leverages association with the film ‘Crew’ to highlight everyday wearability of its jewellery



CaratLane leverages association with the film ‘Crew’ to highlight everyday wearability of its jewellery

The brand announced a contest on March 28, inviting participants to buy jewellery, create reels and tag #CaratLanexCrew to get a chance to meet the leading cast of the film in Mumbai 

Mumbai: CaratLane has associated with the film ‘Crew’ starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu and Kriti Sanon that hit the screens on March 29, leveraging the power of the star cast for a collection launch and a contest, and to drive home the brand’s message about everyday wearability of its jewellery. CaratLane also has product placements in the film, and many instances of brand integration were highlighted in the film’s trailer. 

The brand announced the contest in association with Crew on March 28, uploading an eye-catching poster featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan on its social media pages. The contest mandated that participants purchase CaratLane jewellery in the time period of March 28 to April 4, then register themselves as contestants by sharing their names, contact number and email IDs with the brand through Instagram. The participants also had to create a ‘Get Ready With Me’ reel wearing CaratLane jewellery and tag the brand using the #CaratLanexCrew hashtag. The top 5 winners of the contest will get a chance to meet the star cast of the film in Mumbai.


Keeping up the hype, CaratLane used hilarious scenes from the film to reaffirm the universal feminine love for diamond jewellery. Meanwhile, the brand launched a collection of diamond pendants based on initials, one of which, ‘J’, adorned Kareena’s on-screen character Jasmine and was brought into focus in multiple scenes across the film. The ‘J’ pendant is given as a gift to Jasmine by another character in the film, played by Tabu. Jasmine is seen sporting the pendant through different aspects of her workday, establishing the brand’s message of making jewellery stylish every day.  

“A celebrity of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s stature sporting our jewellery helps us up the brand’s trendy quotient across audience segments. Also, it establishes the easy wearability of our jewellery throughout the day,” said Jennifer Pandya, VP Marketing, at CaratLane.

CaratLane’s target audience is mainly Sec-A urban women between the ages of 28 to 45, similar to the age group of the leading ladies in the film. “These leading ladies inspire our audience, thus striking the right synergies for the brand,” added Pandya.

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