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KK Jewel’s new diamond boutique strives to please the young

A 1,500 square-feet store that was acquired from an apparel chain that shut a lot of doors because of the pandemic, this one adds to KK Jewels’ already glittering embellishments.




If all that twinkles are diamonds, then all that sparkles are the gongs of good fortune. Keeping the ethos in mind, KK Jewels has opened a diamond boutique in their existing complex, and it was a fruit, believe it or not, of the pandemic that has not really showered the world with joy.

A 1,500 square-feet store that was acquired from an apparel chain that shut a lot of doors because of the pandemic, this one adds to KK Jewels’ already glittering embellishments. Called KK Jewels Diamond Boutique, it houses a sizeable treasure chest, with every piece speaking for itself in terms of caratage, cut and colour.

Simple, yet impressive

Standing at the entrance, the signage really gets a connoisseur’s mind blown. It’s simple, yet memorable, with just a hint of sheen that comes from a mirror glaze. The glass doors open into a world of black, Tuscan and desert sand, a very millennial combination that spells individualistic minimalism. The Tuscan, onion pink and tan walls are offset with desert sand coloured chairs and transparent glass tables. The diamond pieces are displayed on a black background, and the simple white lighting creates a statement of its own. When they shine on the pieces, a beautiful slate hue comes into being.

Doing things differently


The point where you do a double take are the origami fans on certain walls, designed to look like paper on walls, and they open and shut themselves in a beautiful rhythm.  As you settle yourself at a table ensconcing the ‘forever stone’ — pieces in diamonds, the well-mannered and smartly dressed staff make themselves available with the choicest refreshments. You can take all the time in the world to make a choice and it is always your own because the staff here do things differently, and don’t chase you, or overwhelm you with a plethora of designs.

Keeping it millenial friendly

It’s a treat to the eyes — the many shades of beige on the walls and interiors. And it stemmed from a desire to appeal to the feminine aura. The owner, Kailash Kabra, discerned that the younger generation of women, who usually accompany their mothers and sisters who do the actual buying, do not quite enjoy the traditionally heavy interiors that jewellery stores come with. This ‘boring’ way of doing things needed to change. The new store outlines the same difference that we now see in old and modern hair salons — how the ambience inside a specialized salon is also a treat to the eyes — simple, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing to the yes even before the customer partakes the service. The fact that this is a no-wood store, also excites the modern, environment-conscious teen.

The treasure chest

When it comes to the jewellery, it is a diamond haven. The store is selling bigger stones, which are not normally found in your regular jewellery store. Most of their diamonds are 7 carats or more and are used in solitaire rings and bridal jewellery. The products are hand-made, in diamonds of fancy shapes like rose cuts. The regular round cuts comprise only 20-25% of the inventory. From bridal jewellery to regular wear, the stores has something for everyone.  The statement pieces have options  starting  from Rs 50,000 and go up thereafter. A statement piece can be bought in the range of Rs 5-6 lakh. Their arsenal features uncut diamonds too, with the showroom putting out hundreds of designs on display. The USP, as they say, is that they have something for everyone.

An opportunity gone is one wasted

The brand offers no discounts as the owners feel it is an injustice to their designs, finish and brand. As they say, their rates are competent, and since they are reasonable, clients do not have a problem in transacting business. The brand swears by in customer satisfaction.

For those looking for a royal experience without the maximalism, KK Jewels Diamond Boutique is the place to be in.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller exclusive

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