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Buying Diamonds is Not Obsession But a Sense of Achievement For Young Working Women

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Sushmita Sen, a working woman, single mother, and an amazing person at heart, never looked for society’s approval to live her life. If you are one of her ardent fans, you must have noticed her sporting a 22-carat diamond ring. When people speculated and wished to know the name of the man who gave her that beautiful ring, Sushmita once said, she doesn’t need a man in her life to have a diamond. She can buy that herself.

Isn’t it so powerful to make such a statement? It is the greatest thing to acknowledge that celebrating yourself should come from you first. You do not need to wait for somebody to celebrate you. And, for women, purchasing a diamond jewellery is just a way of celebrating herself.

In India, jewelleries hold a great significance. Initially, people used to buy them on certain occasions, however, now the buying pattern has changed. Women do not wait for a man or her family members to gift her a piece of diamond but she owns it.

These days, buying a diamond ring is not an obsession for independent women but a way to honour themselves. It gives a sense of achievement and power to young women. These are the feelings that were kept miles away from them for centuries.

Now, women own the most exquisite and priceless jewelleries. Buying them gives them an emotional satisfaction and reminds them of their achievements. It is not about luxury or necessity but about growing constantly, becoming successful, self-reliant, and feel important.




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