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A very well-trained staff has now become a necessity when it comes to running a successful business. The jewellery industry is no exception. What was previously a custom in big chains, is slowly making its way into family-run, single store businesses. These stores are running their business more efficiently with these programmes. Bengaluru-based Sri Ganesh Diamonds and Jewellers has been conducting a successful training programme for its staff  for the last 12 to 15 years. According to M Tejmal, partner, Sri Ganesh Diamonds and Jewellers, the module focuses on providing customers with good service, so that they feel comfortable when they enter the showroom.

“We have around 40 employees from various age groups, different educational and family backgrounds. So, it becomes important to train them according to the organization’s work culture, which will allow them to work efficiently and bring in the desired results. The training module has been designed in a holistic way, which will allow an employee to reap dividends from it even when they leave the organization. We have divided the program into two parts. The first part comprises a four-hour session with the staff inside the showroom, and covers topics like product knowledge, etiquette and manners, staff motivation, etc. The focus is not only on sales improvement, but also on forging long-term relationships. The customer may not be impressed with the collections at times, but they should be impressed with the staff behavior, which will draw them into the store for a second time.”

“As part of the second phase, which is conducted once in a year, we take the staff members to a resort for a day and employ them in team-building exercises. A training session of two-and-a- half hours is also conducted along with the fun activities,” he added.

Tejmal believes in small but effective sessions. Long sessions can be boring and the staff may lose their concentration, which puts a dent on the whole effort. During both sessions, the owners and management also ensure their participation as they get to know about the progress of the staff and make necessary changes in the module if there is a need. As far as the performance evaluation is concerned, the management observes each employee for a year before a decision is taken. However, rather than asking an employee to leave for their unsatisfactory performance, they have an interesting way to deal with them.

“If an employee from the diamond department fails to perform, the management shifts them to the gold or silver department for 3 months. This practice is successful for several reasons. First, the employee is happy that their job is intact and appreciates the second chance. After three months, if the employee manages to perform well, then the management reinstates them in the original department,” said Tejmal.

Another thing that makes the jeweller unique is that more than half of the employees are women.

Tejmal said, “We believe in women employment and have hired almost 60% women as staff members. It also gives us an advantage as the customers feel relaxed and comfortable. Employees are our brand ambassadors, so we make sure that they don’t indulge in vices like drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. During hiring, we seek a self-declaration on the same. However, if we later find that they lied, then they are immediately terminated.”


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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