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Jewellers eye pre-Covid glitter on Dhanteras



Jewellers eye pre-Covid glitter on Dhanteras

LUCKNOW: In view of the increase in footfall and pre-bookings, city jewellers expect that sales of gold ornaments and coins this Dhanteras on Saturday may cross pre-Covid levels.

Buying metal utensils, gold and silver is considered auspicious on Dhanteras. The sale of gold and silver reaches its peak on this day. After remaining low for the last two years due to the pandemic, the scenario seems to be changing this year as the people have begun loosening their purse strings.

“Based on the pre-bookings, jewellers are confident of crossing sales figures of 2020 and 2021, which was Rs 20.5 crore and Rs 20.67 crore respectively, and matching the pre-covid sales,” said Adesh Kumar Jain, vice president of Chowk Sarafa Association.

Tanya Rastogi, director of a prominent jewellery shop in the city, said, “After fluctuating gold rates for about a month, now the lower rates have coincided with the festival which is seen as a reason behind a better year in terms of making profits to most jewellery shop owners this year.”

This year, the customers are not just looking forward to some jewellery which they can wear on an everyday basis like earrings, pendants and mangalsutras but they are also investing in Nakshi jewellery with Laxmi and Ganesh embedded on them .“ They are experimenting with the modern age jewellery with a touch of tradition,” said Gurpreet Singh, business and sales manager of a branded jewellery store.

However, Ravi Lodhi, manager of a jewellery store in Mahanagar, said, “The jewellery which can be worn easily on an everyday basis without the stress of being stolen are preferred the most at our store.”

Courtesy: The Times of India

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