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B K Saraf Jewellers’ ‘The travelling Trunks’ campaign builds inclusivity across Lucknow

The ongoing campaign is a shout to all women who can call up the brand and request for participation as a model.




Brand building remains the top focus of jewellers at a time when other sales promotional activities remain hard to implement due to the lockdown.  And, with equal exposure to social media tools today, it’s the uniqueness of the idea and its effective execution which will set the brand apart and build top of mind awareness.  To create a brand buzz, B K Saraf Jewellers, UP, is embarking on exciting, uncharted territories with The Story of Travelling Trunks!

Speaking about the latest promotional campaign, Amol Bansal, owner, B K Saraf Jewellers, Lucknow said, “The Travelling Trunks gives us the scope to show the glorious journey of our jewellery collection with the fashionistas of Lucknow,” said Bansal. The ongoing campaign is a shout to all women who can call up the brand and request for participation as a model. Any woman from Lucknow, irrespective of age, is free to participate.

The participants then get a chance to do a photo shoot with B K Saraf arranging for an all-round bejeweled makeover with a make-up team at the place of the participant. “The activity generates digital assets for the brand, which the former and the model can promote in their respective social media handles. This gives B K Saraf an unparalleled brand recall among potential clients,” added Bansal.

Success with past campaigns

Before lockdown started in Lucknow for the second wave of Covid-19, B K Saraf Jewellers had already intensified its brand building exercise with two successful photoshoot campaigns named Radha of Awadh and Begums of Awadh. Each of the two campaigns used collections by the brand and had models from their thriving social media following base. “The campaigns have generated decent sales and participation enquiries. However, lockdown restrictions are on our way of converting sales enquiries successfully. We will do that after lockdown ends,” said Bansal.


The Travelling Trunks campaign, with the others, will continue to be part of the brand’s year-long exercise. “We want B K Saraf to become a household name among jewellery lovers in the city. Several logistical and related issues are confining us to Lucknow as of now, but we want to do beyond the city in the future,” added the retailer. The Travelling Trunks campaign will start with full force once lockdown ends and will approach the participants for photoshoots.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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