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Arranging medicine for Covid-19 isolation, Punjab Jewels is also funding education for poor tribal kids

Punjab Jewels have distributed 40,000 Covid -19 home isolation kits to 8 districts across Indore, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Vidisha, Dhar and counting.



The first line of defense before Covid-19 infection is prompt access to medicines. There is nothing more unfortunate than someone struggling for life just because of lack of medicine. The pitiable healthcare situation in India has prompted Punjab Jewels, MP to come forward and distribute 40,000 Covid -19 home isolation kits to 8 districts across Indore, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Vidisha, Dhar and counting.

Arranging basic Covid-19 cure for tribals

Speaking to managing director Darpan Anand, Punjab Jewels, it was understood that the brand had been giving social welfare activities a serious thought since pandemic struck in 2020. For Anand, the observation centered on poverty and ignorance of rural tribal people, who cast aside Covid-19 symptoms as a ‘mere flu’. “People of these districts hesitated to buy medicines to cure Covid-19. Thus, in association with The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), we got in touch with respective district collectors and handed over the Covid-19 isolation kits comprising masks and the 9 approvedmedicines such as zinc, vitamins etc.,” said Anand.

In order to ensure transparent distribution, the brand routed all activities through CII to the collectors, who then passed the packages to the CMO. “Thereafter, the material were sent to district hospitals attending our target beneficiary base,” said Punjan Jewels director AnubhaAnand. The brand heads, who undertook the activities outside the scope of Punjab Jewels, aim at providing medicines of basic Covid-19 care to minimize ignorance-stoked fatalities. The couple has also donated 5 oxygen concentrators to different hospitals through CII.

Futuristic rehabilitation measures

This apart, Punjab Jewels has also thought ahead for the future of tribal children in the dark for the lack of education. Anubha Anand explained that most of these tribal families force their children out of education to convert them as workers.

“They say that they can’t afford the study materials of children after paying for their admission. Thus, we adopted 45 small schools in and around the region teaching 1350 children through CII. The plan covers for the teachers’ salary, students’ fee and study materials, so that parents find neither trouble for nor excuses against educating kids,” maintained Anubha Anand.

A negligible share of the brand’s workforce was diagnosed with coronavirus, but the brand has extended full salary and related financial benefits to staff concerned and are also planning a vaccination drive for their staff and family members. Moreover, their preparation for the impending third wave of Covid-19 deserves special mention.

Darpan and Anubha Anand are currently heading a CSR vertical of CII and are resolute to set up paediatric wards in underdeveloped districts such as Dewar, Ujjain and Pitampur. “The machineries are already available and are already in talks with the district collector of Indore on this matter,” she signed off.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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