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AVR Swarnamahal Jeweller’s Evaglow lab-grown range garners praise via customer awareness



AVR Swarnamahal Jeweller's Evaglow lab-grown range garners praise via customer awareness

Lab grown diamonds are capturing the market sentiment fast. One retail brand after the other is launching their latest offerings in laboratory made diamonds that provide products identical to naturals. The latest brand to join the bandwagon is AVR Swarnamahal Jewellers with their Evaglow Diamonds collection.

Sustainable production has become the strongest product pitch for proponents of LGDs. AVR Swarnamahal, for instance, claims that production of each Evaglow diamond saves 109 gallons of water and 250 tonnes of land extraction.

“We made a very bold launch of our first LGD jewellery range that has lightweight to classic pieces. We are also the first to launch fancy colour, fancy shaped LGDs,” said brand director AVR Siddhanth. The best move for the brand was instant education of customers, which it did through a hologram demonstrating the CVD production process to almost 600 customers walking into the flagship store of the brand on 14 April, the Tamil New Year, when the brand launched the collection.

Customers want diamond jewellery at affordable prices and an almost 50% hike in prices of natural diamonds is causing hiccups in purchasing power, feels Siddhanth. “These are bigger diamonds which delight the customers and give them a chance to contribute to the environment. We have received an overwhelming response from customers and plan to launch this collection across all stores,” he added.

A variety player like AVR is creating a differentiation with an entirely new team working on trend forecasts and design creation of the LGD range alone. Such initiatives prove how soon LGDs will create a league of their own in the minds of customers who don’t want budgetary constraints to compromise with quality and size of their diamonds.

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