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Armaan Narang on Amyr — a fine jewellery label for men



Scroll through Amyr — Fine Jewellery for Men’s website (www.amyr.in) and a bunch of quirky, cool and statement-y cufflinks, pendants, rings and bracelets for men, will catch your eye. The young entrepreneur exploring this niche segment is Armaan Narang. In this 20s, Armaan hails from the Hazoorilal Legacy family and has a degree in business administration from Bryant University. The Amyr founder tells The Telegraph what inspired him to set up a men’s jewellery brand and the road ahead.

Amyr looks like a really cool brand. What does the name mean? It’s niche too. Why did you want to start with something as experimental as men’s jewellery? Have you been thinking about it for long now?

Amyr is an Arabic word which translates to ‘prince’ in English and the name perfectly encapsulates the brand’s philosophy as a fine jewellery brand curated exclusively for men. The reason I decided to start a brand like Amyr is because India boasts one of the largest gems and jewellery industries in the world, yet men’s jewellery is a completely untapped sector of that industry and it was necessary to exploit it. It’s almost as if Amyr is a first mover in the space of e-commerce men’s jewellery in India. The idea of launching India’s first e-commerce fine jewellery brand curated exclusively for men was born out of passion and a perceived need in the market. I had designed a couple of bracelets for myself and upon wearing them they were received very well by friends and family and people in general as I was flocked with questions. My designs generated a lot of interest, which was a clear indicator of the potential demand for a contemporary men’s jewellery brand.

Being from the Hazoorilal Legacy family of jewellers, I was born and brought up in the Indian jewellery industry. I finally decided to channel my thoughts and ideas into a brand of my own and began working on Amyr after graduating from college in May 2020. Amyr was launched in December 2020.

Did the lockdown give you enough time to bring it to fruition?

Yes, lockdown was a busy time, starting a new brand with physical and social restrictions in place was challenging but with the knowledge, contacts, network and support of my brother and my father I was able to utilise my time effectively and turn my idea into what probably is India’s first e-commerce men’s jewellery brand curated for men.

What are your earliest memories of jewellery?

My earliest memories of jewellery and the jewellery industry include the time I accompanied my father for the IIJS (India International Jewellery Show).

What kind of jewellery do you like?

I like jewellery that reflects the personality of its wearer, something that inspires confidence and complements the character of the person wearing it. Me and my design team at Amyr take inspiration from various contemporary and historical elements of masculinity and extract its essence through bold and innovative jewellery designs, which can be personalised to suit the persona of our clients. For example, Amyr offers a pair of cufflinks called The Topper, it drew inspiration from the English top hat or topper, which was a 19th century mainstay of Victorian life and represented an upper-class man of industry. Inspired by its history, Amyr paid homage to this gentlemanly accessory in the form of an intricately designed pair of skull cufflinks. Yet another example would be our Rifle Bullet pendant. Inspired by the ammunition used in assault rifles, this bullet pendant is finished with a finely engraved tip representing intricacy, precision and power. These qualities are reflected in the modern gentleman with an eye for the finer things in life and the power to achieve them. This way Amyr takes staples of masculinity and attaches values and character to them, which represent the personality of the modern man.

Have you borrowed anything from the Hazoorilal Legacy in terms of design aesthetics?

No, Amyr is a completely separate brand and does not share design aesthetics with Hazoorilal Legacy.

What else do you want to do with the brand?

It’s only the beginning right now and Amyr is in its infancy but I see a lot of potential in the brand and my vision is to make Amyr India’s foremost men’s jewellery brand and later to diversify into more product categories and perhaps even enter international markets.

What would be your message for all the men who shy away from jewellery?

I do not blame Indian men from shying away from jewellery because of the lack of choice they have had so far. But I would urge them to put their reservations and stigmas aside and approach men’s jewellery through a brand like Amyr, which is offering contemporary, minimal, stylish, affordable and wearable jewellery in India for the first time. There is always some hesitation for a new product, but we understand and believe in our target market of Gen Z’s who reflect that keen sense of responsibility and confidence. They want versatility and personalisation, their buying decisions aren’t just based on price, but a brand differentiating factor, something unique which will complement and enhance their personality and that’s exactly what Amyr stands for.


Image Courtesy: Telegraph India

Courtesy: Telegraph India

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