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Alia Bhatt sports unique emerald necklace that leaves jewellers confused




It turns out the necklace, made of cushion-cut Russian emeralds and encircled by rose-cut, pear, marquise and brilliant-cut diamonds, belongs to the Manish Malhotra Jewellery creation

Alia Bhatt is currently living her fashion-girl life. The actress is starting major trends with her ‘Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’ promotional wardrobe. She even walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra’s recent Bridal Couture Show and broke the Internet. Alia’s unique silver-grey MM lehenga is still trending on social media but a popular jeweller just spotted something unsettling about the look.

Julia Chafe is a gemstone wholesaler and expert who rose to popularity after talking about the impressive arsenal of jewels by celebrities including the likes of Kardashians and Ambanis. She can tell you about the type and carat weightage of a stone just by looking at it. However, the necklace worn by Alia for Manish Malhotra’s couture show has left Julia scratching her head. She recently shared a reel on Instagram talking about the confusing stones in Alia’s necklace.

“I can’t figure out what these stones are for the life of me. The longer I stare, the more I get confused. Are those super light emeralds? Are they aquamarine? But I have never seen included aquamarines before. The more people I ask in the industry what these stones are, the more they are confused too. So, someone please help me. What are these gigantic stones that Alia is wearing?” Julia said in the reel. Guess what? We have the answer!


The striking necklace worn by Alia is a Manish Malhotra Jewellery creation. It is called the Seher necklace and the “gigantic stones” in the necklace are Russian emeralds! The cushion-cut stones are surrounded by rose-cut, pear, marquise and brilliant-cut diamonds for an ethereal effect.

The stones must have left Julia confused because emeralds generally range from a bright grass-green hue to deeper shades of green. The stones in Alia’s necklace are as far from regular emeralds in appearance as one can fathom.

That said, a light-coloured emerald is rarely as valuable as a dark green stone. Generally, emeralds with deeper green hue are more valuable than their paler counterparts. Additionally, emeralds with fewer inclusions (internal texturing) are often rarer than heavily-included gemstones.

Courtesy: Popxo

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