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Raj Diamond’s Diwali campaign gifts a string of lights to the less-fortunate



Manoj Chakraborty

If there is one thing that we have learned during this lockdown, it is the power that our helpers have over us. We saw what life was like without our maids and drivers. Not only did we appreciate them, we realized how lost we were in our daily affairs without them. When they came back, we welcomed them with open arms, but a jeweller has come up with a wonderful way to thank these sturdy warriors who shoulder a lot of our pains and make things easier for us.

The unique campaign, called ‘gifting Carnival’, provides financial help to the less privileged people from society, like drivers, servants, auto-rickshaw or cab drivers who have struggled during the pandemic. Bengaluru based Raj Diamonds has come up with the initiative, where these people get benefits once you purchase jewellery from them.

Nitin Betala, managing partner of Raj Diamonds, said, “We have always had offers during Diwali. But we had a very different approach. We thought we should thank the section of society that is less privileged but does a lot for us in our everyday life. They are also the ones who have suffered the most during the lockdown.”

As per the campaign regulations, any customer making a purchase of at least one carat diamond jewellery this Diwali, will be rewarded with a gifting coupon of Rs 1,000. “The customers can give these coupons to anyone underprivileged. It could be their house help, drivers or maids. This person can now visit Raj Diamonds and encash the coupon for the money on spot,” he explains.

What a wonderful opportunity it is for Diwali gifting plans and bonuses. With less affluent people struggling to keep up with the expenses because of job losses, this is a great way to help and build goodwill for the brand.

The campaign has already garnered a great response as the jeweller has distributed almost 25 coupons to customers. The footfall is expected to go higher up during Diwali.

A unique approach to thank the ones who do very thankless jobs, this is something that others should also adopt this season. After all, it is the time for joy and festivities, and one section should not be left out.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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