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A hopeful ‘reflection’: Her Story’s new campaign speaks of light at the end of the tunnel




The times we are in remain unprecedented, with people confined indoors and looking for solace. In search of calm, the four walls have given us the gift of time to introspect. While the pandemic has been an eye opener for most, in terms of self-worth, Her Story has come up with a new campaign, Reflections, that plays on this train of thought.

Reflections plays on the hope for better times, a need to recuperate and introspect, or ‘reflect’ upon oneself. Her Story took the thought a notch higher with an assemblage of symbolism, that they conceptualised with ace photographer Bikramjit Bose. Devised to commemorate the first anniversary of Her Story, it plays with the idea of a mirror to one’s soul. Shot in Goa, it juxtaposed the sandy beaches with mirrors in all shapes.

“The idea for this campaign stemmed from the brand’s own philosophy – that every woman has a unique narrative as she treads a path that is entirely her own. The mirror and its reflections served as a metaphor, to visually showcase the different facets of a woman,” said Bikramjit.

A brilliant concept, the juxtaposition of a smooth and edgy mirror surface to the softer organic beach settings is a winner. It draws one’s attention to the weight of the idea and pins the jewellery designs with a vibrance that is best brought out in monochromatic and sepia settings.

Monochromes have not dulled the dainty diamond pieces in beautifully edgy designs. On the contrary, the sea reflected in a mirror, superimposes with the invigorating jewellery designs. The music is bold and drives the point home successfully.


“True essence of luxury lies in the pursuit of meaning even amid the world of preciousness. Can a brand be defined beyond materials and craftsmanship; can a product speak to the heart and journey with you to the depths of your soul, striking a chord true and real? Her Story attempts to make this stride into the unknown,” said Her Story leads, Sitanshi Talati-Parikh and Falguni Kapadia.

Traditional transparent and white diamonds are mounted on very unconventionally edgy frames, each different from the other, playing upon the theme that every woman is different. There are matte trinkets for the working woman, an ode to her greatness in balancing things, as the mirror sitting in the sand denotes.

Thinking out-of-the-box can take one places, and Her Story strives to achieve that through their campaign amid the pandemic. Not only does the boldness go with the sombre mood that the world is submerged in now, but also gives one hope for a better tomorrow, upon reflection.


Courtesy: As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine

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