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With CSR under Abaran Foundation, Abaran Timeless Jewellery stands out for customers who judge a brand by its ethos




Corporate social responsibility is rooted in the culture of the jewellery brand, which draws customers who like to be associated with corporates that have a vision beyond selling products

Bengaluru: “True happiness is knowing you are not alone” reads the Instagram account tagline of the Abaran Foundation, the registered CSR wing of Abaran Timeless Jewellery, which has been working in the area of education, sports, wildlife conservation and raising donations for impoverished people for well over a decade. It has helped the brand build equity as a socially responsible organization, positively impacting Bengaluru’s jewellery lovers, who like to be associated with companies that have a vision beyond selling products.

Even when it was an unregistered entity, the foundation helped the poor for over a decade, says Pratap Kamath, MD, Abaran Timeless Jewellery. “We got it registered after it was made mandatory under the corporate law. It has been seven years since then. We’ve adopted a holistic approach, taking up education and old-age homes to wildlife preservation. Our anti-poaching initiatives in the forests of Nagarhole in Karnataka have been significant. Every year, a lot of animal habitats get destroyed because of forest fires in March-April. We’ve been deploying people to make man-made barriers that check those fires,” he elaborates. 


Four years back, the foundation donated the latest model of Jeeps to enable forest rangers to scan the interiors of the forest to prevent poaching. The vehicles also proved to be beneficial for senior forest officials, who used to patrol the areas on foot, sometimes covering as much as 15 kilometres in a day. Also, a lot of tribals enter core forest regions illegally to find firewood, which the officials could control better with vehicles provided by Abaran Foundation.

While extending a helping hand to art and culture-based initiatives, the foundation has done some substantial work, says Kamath. ‘Karunalu Ba Belake’, a programme on NammaTV that highlights impoverished people in need and raises funds for them, have been assisted by Abaran Foundation in 2023. The Hastashilpa Heritage Village in Manipal, Karnataka, is another project in which the foundation is involved. The upkeep of Miyar House, a reconstructed home and gateway of the Heritage Village Museum, is being taken care of by the foundation. It also sponsored the ‘Samarpan’ dance event at the 18th Drishti National Dance Festival in July 2023.

In the area of sports, Abaran Foundation has taken over a local Under-16 cricket team and provides coaching at a basic level to enable the players to participate in league matches at the State level. 

With concerted efforts towards conservation, and contributions in the fields of art and culture, sports and fund-raising for the poor through the Abaran Foundation, Abaran Timeless Jewellery has made a mark that will undoubtedly elevate its brand image.

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