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Verma Jewellers Becomes the Only Store in Himachal Pradesh to Make 100% IGI Certified Diamond Jewellery



Verma Jewellers of Solan which has the pride of having pioneered the launch of Hall Marked jewellery in Himachal Pradesh some 17 years ago, and having the largest jewellery showroom in the state has added another feather to its cap by becoming the only store in the state making available 100 percent IGI certified diamond jewellery to its valued customers. In the absence of availability of certified diamonds, the customers from the state henceforth had to rush to Delhi and Chandigarh to make their purchases for quality assurance. Beginning this Navratra on 6th April 2019, Verma Jewellers launched the IGI certified diamond jewellery at its showroom in Solan thus becoming the first sellers of 100 percent certified diamond jewellery. Verma Jewellers received a certificate of the international credential from the North India Head of International Gemological Institute recently.

All the diamonds available at the showroom are now IGI certified. Akshay Verma, Managing Director of the enterprise told that International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the largest certifying body in the world. It has an independent laboratory which certifies the diamonds on the basis of their Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. They have the facility to evaluate the diamonds and precious stones and jewellery since its establishment way back in 1975 at Antwerp. Thus Verma Jewellers has become the only showroom in the state marketing not only Hall Marked Gold jewellery but also IGI certified diamond jewellery. He told that the buyers who tend to invest huge amount of money in the purchases are always keen to obtain only certified diamond jewellery and they have made it available to the customers in the state at highly competitive prices and with full certification.

The jewellery marketed also has the guarantee of 100 percent Buyback, he told. Verma Jewellers has now become the first 100% IGI certified diamond jewellery store in Himachal, which has all its jewellery IGI certified, On the launching function, Verma Jewellers received a certificate of international credential from the North India Head of International Gemological Institute. IGI Diamond Reports, Akshay told, give an accurate assessment of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight according to strict international standards. IGI Diamond Reports are not issued for diamonds with non-permanent treatments. And this certification, he told, will be given free of cost to the customers. International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the world’s largest authentic institution that certifies diamonds, Gemstone and jewellery certified on the basis of diamond cut, color, clarity and charity. IGI is the world’s largest independent laboratory in which gemstones and fine jewellery are evaluated, Last year Verma Jewellers, had been included in 100 iconic jewellers of India by India’s No.1 Jewellery Magazine “The Art of Jewellery”. It is the pride for Solan city and the entire state that its own Verma Jewellers, is now being counted as one of India’s Top 100 Jewellers in the country.

Verma Jewellers has always been presenting their own unique and specific jewellery designs in a wide range, purity, and have excellent collection of traditional ornaments and have been providing satisfactory services to the customers. Akshay Verma explains how during the past 40 years, their business had grown from a humble small shop to a trusted brand in the entire jewellery market today.

Courtesy: Press Release

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