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Vendi launches new store at Vega City Mall, Bangalore with a flash mob performance



Vendi launches new store at Vega City Mall, Bangalore with a flash mob performance

The silver brand offers an extensive range of 92.5 silver jewellery to suit various age groups, preferences and occasions

Bangalore: For those who have never witnessed a flash mob at a jewellery store, there was opportunity to see one at the launch of Vendi’s new store at Vega City Mall on March 4. A thunderbolt of youthful energy took onlookers and shoppers inside the mall by storm when the flash mob broke into its dance routine, much to the amazement of everyone present.

The mall-format store began its operations with great gusto, advancing the brand’s vision to expand across the country ever since it began operations in shop-in-shop format for AVR Swarnamahal Jewellers during the pandemic. “Today, we are present in over 30 locations. We have different formats ranging from mall formats, flagship stores, pop-up stores, shop-in-shop and more. Vendi is a lifestyle silver jewellery brand with 92.5 silver jewellery as its prime offering. We are aiming at all target groups. Silver, a fast fashion commodity, is apt for Vendi,” said AVR Siddhanth, Founder, Vendi.

Vendi caters to a diverse clientele spread across age groups, offering an extensive range of jewellery to suit various preferences and occasions. With 12 distinct themes like ‘Timeless’, ‘Signature’, ‘Birthstone’, ‘Kid’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Men’s’, each serves a specific need or style, ensuring a comprehensive selection. These themes converge to deliver an immersive retail experience for any buyer. Moreover, Vendi provides a complimentary engraving service called ‘Vendi Moments’ in-store, allowing customers to weave memories into their chosen jewellery pieces.

“We have the world’s smallest laser machine, which guarantees fine engraving work on the jewellery. All intricate works hitherto done on gold, platinum and diamond are being done on silver to break boundaries and create new design moments. We have all forms of silver jewellery, included studded ranges,” said Siddhanth.

Recognized for its affordability, particularly at the entry level, silver jewellery at Vendi starts from Rs 250 and extends to lakhs, appealing to both impulse buyers and those seeking substantial investments in jewellery pieces. This wide price range offers a lucrative opportunity for customers seeking anything from spontaneous purchases to significant acquisitions, ensuring accessibility and variety in offerings.

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