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UTIFELIX. The art of conviviality meets the art of jewellery.



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A meeting between architects of precious stories, an exchange of value and of values—this is what lies at the heart of UTIFELIX. The perfect match, or rather, a felicitous one, as the logo itself suggests.

UTIFELIX is a union of ancient traditions, skilful goldsmith production, respect for the environment and social and ethical standards, a way of rediscovering culture and handing it on to future generations.

UTIFELIX is the art of receiving in such a way that revives past memories and shines the spotlight on the importance of detail. Unique. Exclusive.


THE BRAND. The symbol and its tagline.

The spoon originated in Roman times, taking its name from the Latin word “cochlea”, denoting a beautiful, shapely shell, to which a wooden stick was attached to form a handle.

The Italian word for spoon, “cucchiaio”, comes from the Latin “cochlearius”, and means “little shell”.

Over the centuries, all dining utensils have taken on a favourable meaning, but none so much as the spoon, a model of versatility par excellence.

Changing very little in form, it has become a reference point at any dining table, and has indeed become the very symbol of dining itself and a metaphor for food. The spoon is a synonym for food. This is why, in the Middle Ages, when asking for a woman’s hand in marriage, she was not given a ring, but a spoon, to communicate the message, “I will always do everything and anything from now on to ensure that you and the family we create together will be able to use this spoon every day.” A commitment to ensure the wellbeing of one’s family.

To hold, or use (utilise – Uti) a spoon every day and to eat. Is this not happiness (felicity – Felix)?

It is no coincidence that famous Roman spoons discovered in the Hoxne Hoard in Great Britain in the 4th century bear the inscription ‘Uti Felix’, a wish for happiness bound to the sacredness of food, the dining table and its tools.

 THE PROJECT. Precious stories on the art of receiving.

The UTIFELIX project grew from a creative idea in the mind of the well-known jewellery designer Claudia Piaserico, who sought to bring the beauty of precious accessories into the wider context of conviviality and sharing. Piaserico’s creations are anchored to the solid roots of the manufacturing tradition in the goldsmith district of Vicenza—herbirthplace and where she trained—aswell as Italy’s age-old tradition of cooking and dining etiquette. Her collections embellish the dining environment, not only in terms of materials and features, but above all for what they stand for—thehistory and culture of the people from which it all began and for whom they have been designed.

UTIFELIX breathes new life into values, events, symbols and memories that otherwise risk becoming slowly lost and forgotten, enhancing them with style and elegance for discerning connoisseurs. A noble niche.

 THE PRODUCTS. The art of dining becomes a jewel in craftsmanship and meaning.

The ambitious and varied UTIFELIX project, bringing jewels to the table and thus proposinglessons in international etiquette, begins by focusing on accessories for the dining table, the ultimate rendezvous for conviviality, family, power,and work. Some of the characteristic UTIFELIX-branded elements that are already available include three-tined forks, a bottle stopper, a salt and pepper set and a sugar bowl. Their presence is striking, independently of the style of the dining table where they are placed. The gold, silver and platinum elements are made by an Italian goldsmith company, and a Venetian master glassmaker crafts the glass elements, with each piece being made individually. The exclusively manufactured elements are distinguishing features of unquestionable beauty, capturing the attention of the diners and, with class and style, enhancing the environment and the occasion where they are used. Refined and well-balanced luxury, conveyed through the use of marine and floral subjects to characterise hospitality in yachts, luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as the homes of affluent and wealthy admirers of beauty and the splendour of taste.

THE VALUES. Culture, ethics and sustainability.

As interpretations of a project that strives to be a witness and narrator of history and culture, artistic and artisan ability, all UTIFELIX products convey an unmistakeable core message that is faithfully reproduced in an accompanying artisan lithographic print. Together with a guarantee of the provenance of its materials, a declaration of the manufacturing techniques and all components used, the evolution of the object is described. This is a deliberate act of responsibility towards the past, and likewise towards future generations, entitled to inherit a world that is more respectful in its ethics and sustainability than the world of today.

Each piece conforms to all international certifications for environmental protection, sustainability, and ethics.

 THE ROOTS/ THE ORIGINS. Fair economy, education and the local area

UTIFELIX strives to be a cultural ambassador and contribute to the growth of its local area with educational projects about the art of goldsmithery and international etiquette, with the goal of developing human capital. The opening of workshops and factories, direct perception of the value of artisan productivity, and some purposeful cultural events will have the aim of raising public awareness and encouraging the population to invest professionally in their local area.

For its first undertaking, the educational plan will involve primary school children from Vicenza, as a way of bringing students and their families closer to what has always been the distinctive core business of the area.

The workshops will start in January 2019 and will take place over three stages. The first will be a lesson in gemmology, combined with the subsoil studies that are already part of the national curriculum. The second step will be more practical lessons on how to make a bracelet. The third and final stage will focus on culture, with a guided visit to Vicenza’s Jewellery Museum. Small steps towards a future of awareness.

 THE DESIGNER. Passion for art, the old and the new.

Claudia Piaserico was born in Vicenza into a family of silversmiths. Since her childhood she has loved travelling, which for her is a source of inspiration and a chance to let her passion thrive, looking for jewels, gems and precious stones. She loves the sea, nature, and animals—elementsthat are represented in the collections of Misis, the brand she has owned and run since 2017 with her brother Alberto. Eclectic and innovative, in 2011 she received the Bellisario Award in recognition of her talent and work as a female ambassador for the value of Italian-made design on an international level. In 2013 she became Chairwoman of the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths section of Confindustria Vicenza and, in 2016, Vice-Chairwoman of Confindustria Vicenza. In 2016 she was nominated as Vice-Chairwoman of Confindustria Vicenza and tasked with the “FabbricareValori” project, as well as association relations.



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