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Understand the new dynamics of innovative business processes and expansion in jewellery retail at SGL presents Retail Jeweller India Forum



Understand the new dynamics of innovative business process and expansion in jewellery retail at SGL presents Retail Jeweller India Forum 2019. Over the last one decade, there has been a huge shift that has taken place in the business strategy of the family run jewellers to cater to the requirements of the evolving customers. Learn more about this strategy, which family jewellers mainly in the metros, tier ii and tier iii areas are taking to retain their market share in the competitive market at the Retail Jeweller India Forum 2019.

The moderator for the session is- Divyesh Shah, D.S. Consulting and the members on the esteemed panel are- Samir Sagar, Manubhai Jewellers, Darpan Anand, Punjab Jewellers, Seema Mehta, Kirtilals and Jitendra Vummidi, VBJ.

Giving a gist of what the session will be, Divyesh Shah said, “The family jewellers have changed their mindset today; they have started focusing more on the strategic part, like getting professionals, concentrating more on the product development and catering more on engaging with the consumer. The entire landscape has changed today and in the coming days a lot of these city players and regional players will emerge stronger.”

Talking about one takeaway from the session, Shah elaborates, “Consumers have moved on, and being a retailer, you have to match with their expectation today. The essence of the session will therefore be to highlight the need to organise both the front end and backend of the business.”

Samir Sagar, Director, Manubhai Jewellers said, “The way we do our business is changing faster than we can anticipate. Most of the businesses are in an uncharted territory because dramatic changes are taking place in the consumer behaviour. As a result of these changing landscapes, it is forcing business heads to take a harder look at their strategies.”

Darpan Anand from Punjab Jewellers highlights the need to increase productivity and to stay aligned with various processes together. “In this new environment, we will have to be present near the customer always. Every retailer needs to think out of the box to think of ways in which they can be present always near the customer. I will be focusing on various channels which retailers can use to increase their business.”

Echoing similar views, Seema Mehta, Creative Director of Kirtilals said, “It’s very important to move with the times and keep up with technological advancements but equally important to give aesthetics its place of importance while creating jewellery. How to keep innovating in design is what I will be sharing.”

(Retail Jeweller India will be hosting their 6th edition of Retail Jeweller India Forum on February 9, 2019, at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.  Register yourself today to be part of the exciting knowledge-based event, which will have renowned speakers sharing their rich insights on this year’s theme ‘Innovate to Win’. For more information and to register, log in on to retailjewellerindiaforum.com).

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