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Geeta Shyam Jewellers launches 1000 sqft luxury boutique for an unmatched B2B experience



Geeta Shyam Jewellers launches 1000 sqft luxury boutique for an unmatched B2B experience

Geeta Shyam Jewellers has upgraded their boutique presence to give an enriching purchasing environment to its retail customers. On the occasion of Labh Panchami, The Jaipur-based jewellery manufacturer inaugurated its business lounge for B2B operations.

Located on the ground floor of the existing 3-storey building, the business lounge has a total area of 1000 sqft, which will redefine buying experience for Geeta Shyam’s partners.  The interiors of the jewellery boutique were designed by Jaipur-based architect BG Associates.

Geeta Shyam Jewellers
Geeta Shyam Jewellers

Speaking about the launch, Praveen Agarwal, Partner, Geeta Shyam Jewellers, said, “We wanted to give experiences similar to retail showrooms to our clients. Generally in a manufacturing setup, the focus is more on the product and very little importance is given to the look and feel of the place. We wanted to change that notion by focusing on luxury through this newly constructed space.”

Geeta Shyam Jewellers

This will make buyers at much ease while planning their inventory from Geeta Shyam. According to Praveen, there were certain setbacks that the manufacturer faced while handling clients previously. When clients used to visit the office for orders during the season time, the first two floors of the building experienced a lot of rush, causing the staff difficulties to commute. The sales department could not fully concentrate on their work. Therefore, Geeta Shyam Jewellers had planned to open this space for the clients.

Geeta Shyam Jewellers

The manufacturer is also planning to upgrade the entire manufacturing setup of the building and revamp its look by mid-2022. Since the inauguration of the boutique showroom, the manufacturer is receiving positive responses from the trade as the sales have picked up. Currently, 12 salespersons are deputed in the newly-built space and the manufacturer is planning to add at least six more staff to build a strong team that can serve the retail partners successfully. 

As told to Manoj Chakraborty

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