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Surpass the new battle of life with Aisshpra Gems and Jewels ‘Hope Collection’

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Uttar Pradesh’s Leading Jewellery Chain Aisshpra Gems & Jewels has launched its new collection to inspire us with a glimmer of hope in our life through its ‘Hope Collection’ to embark the ‘New Normal’.

The Hope Collection is first of its kind Glow –in- Dark jewellery edit. It is crafted in 18k white and rose gold studded with fine cut diamonds with enamelling that makes the piece glow in the dark. Just like the saying ‘Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ when donned this Hope collection will be that lining in your darkest days that India is facing right now.

As the glow technology used in these pieces charges up the enamel which makes them glow in the dark, similarly this range when adorned inspires us to believe in us, that we have immense power and positivity within us that gives us the strength to be hopeful and fight this tough times. By believing in oneself one will glowingly survive the darkest days that this pandemic has led us to just like the enamel that glows in the dark when charged.

The floral motifs and the fine-cut diamonds in this range resonate the kindness and the spark that you hold within yourself respectively and the enamelling that makes the piece glow resonates with the power that you have in yourself to light up the hope and fight the toughest of situations that we are facing.

This collection comprises of pendants and earrings which is perfect for daily wear as it is subtle and elegant. It can be adorned for casual and social gatherings during the day or night, at work or for casual dinner with dear ones. It can be paired on traditional as well as contemporary outfits as the designs of pieces are versatile.

‘The Hope Collection’ is crafted to inspire the Aisshpra patrons during the pandemic that one should not forget that there is Hope and by Believing in oneself one can survive any darkest times that come your way.

‘The Hope Collection’ is available across all Aisshpra Gems & Jewels outlet and starts at Rs 25,000 onwards.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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