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Talwar Jewellers distributes free meals to needy Covid-19 patients



Talwar Jewellers distributes free meals to needy Covid-19 patients

What all does a Covid-19 patient need to recover? Medicines, the unfortunate distance from loved ones and plenty of healthy food. However, the under priviledged patients face acute crises with ration running dry in days since lockdown and no wherewithal to avail expensive food from restaurants. Talwar Jewellers, Chandigarh stepped up with an association to help people tide over such issues.

“When the second wave started, the founding members decided to cook and deliver home-made food to patients who can’t cook at home,” said brand owner Vanita Talwar. “Every dish is cooked at home. Sometimes, I cook too. We have been providing 150 meals per day to the needy since May 2021. Our distribution points include Covid-centers.” The brand distributed rations to over 50 people per day last year when Talwar Jewellers did the community welfare activities out of their individual capacities. But this year, the brand tied up with an NGO called Mass Sansthaa, which is getting donations in the form of cash and commodities from all corners of the society, thus helping Talwar Jewellers carry out relief measures unabated.

The brand had been engaged in CSR activities such as distributing chappals among street kids even before the pandemic happened. The tie up with Mass Sanstha initially would have lasted for only a month, but enquiries kept coming in from all corners of Chandigarh and Talwar Jewellers didn’t mind helping, provided the person seeking help is submitting the necessary diagnostic reports confirming that the patient is indeed Covid-19 positive. Boosting the initiative further is the brand’s plan to start running 15-16 ambulances covering Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. “All the patient or his/her family needs to do is route their requests through Mass Sansthaa and the patient won’t be charged any money for the services. We will continue the activities till the pandemic subsides,” Talwar signed off.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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