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Ambrus Jewels grabs youth’s attention with Insta collab for colour gemstones range



Ambrus Jewels grabs youth’s attention with Insta collab for colour gemstones range

Colour gemstones have long been the pride of an Indian woman down generations. Their rarity attain a certain timelessness and enhances the beauty of every woman. However, the youth today face some sort of hesitations while sporting large chunky stones in public. Ambrus Jewels broke that glass ceiling with one of their most popular social media posts ever on colour gemstones.

It all boils down to styling options of the present generation, feels Arpit Goyal, founder, Ambrus Jewels. Influencers and social media have created a certain imagery that sits well with the present generation. They accept some category of jewellery to be trendy, and consider others dated. However, they miss out on an opportunity to look fantastic with timeless heirloom jewellery sets. “We create colour gemstones jewellery for all ranges, and observe this hesitation in the 25-35 years age bracket, where they can’t imagine themselves wearing such jewellery pieces,” said Goyal, adding that an influencer collaboration on Instagram has helped change that perspective.

Roshni Bhatia, a well-known blogger-influencer on Instagram from North India, joined forces with Ambrus to create an Instagram reel. In that reel, Bhatia shows the entire process of carrying a gorgeous emerald jewellery range with an ultra-cool chikankari dress. She shows a very stylish way of wearing that saree that keeps the entire look traditional and trendy at the same time.

Ambrus Jewels

The achievement has been noteworthy. The target group for this campaign has been reaching out to the brand via direct messages on social media. “Monthly insights show that this collaboration has helped gain traction in South Indian potential clients. Our account has been receiving more followers daily, more than we have expected the growth to be,” said Goyal. The reel has received over 5K views within days of upload and the association between Roshni and Ambrus will reportedly continue for an upcoming traditional jewellery range. “We are planning to continue this association with Roshni as the face of that collection including sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious gemstones,” said Goyal.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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