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Every small change makes a difference: Varuna D Jani’s RUANI gives birth to a sisterhood with glittering plans



Every small change makes a difference: Varuna D Jani’s RUANI gives birth to a sisterhood with glittering plans

A common thread that binds women together in a unified song of beauty is jewellery. The beautiful pieces, especially statements, which turn heads and hold a position of pride in a woman’s jewellery box are deeply loved and passed down across generations. However, while we praise the retailer for statement pieces they house, we hardly know the name of the designer who burned their midnight lamp to give birth to them.

Ruani is set to change all this. Founded by Varuna D Jani, the 2,500 square-feet concept store opened in the heart of Mumbai aims to bring brilliant designs to adorn every woman in the country and give a face and a voice to all those talented jewellery designers who make statement pieces that deserve recognition.

Brainchild of Varuna, who is herself an acclaimed artist, designer and adornologist, the store’s very fabric stems from her innate desire to sustain talented designers. It’s a sisterhood, as she calls it, one where one holds up the other, with a measure of equality. Ruani, which means a soulful connection, denotes this tie between the wearer and her jewellery, the designer and their designs, a woman and another.


A Novel Collective

Jewellery has been a part of Varuna D Jani’s life for as long as she can remember. She was raised with an innate grasp of the craft, coming from the family of Popley, one of India’s most renowned jewellers. Having been blessed with the affluence and background to follow her passion, Varuna recognises that not everyone is so fortunate. Plenty of designers need to cut their dreams short because they do not have the required backing. In her 12 years in the industry, Varuna has seen how businesses are only about the numbers or premium. There is hardly any space for the designers. Lack of a financial standing forces many to behave like wholesalers without an identity. There was a need to get the identity and signature back. Ruani aims at giving wings to capable, passionate and talented designers. Varuna also realised that it is the financially strong who can start making a small change to affect the difference. Thus sprang Ruani’s collaborative space, where no one is bigger than another. Varuna’s goodwill, along with co-founder Divyesh’s business acumen, aims to expand the brand across the country eventually.

The glittering dream

The first thing that strikes an avid connoisseur’s eyes when they enter the store is the modern and conceptual design, formulated solely in alignment with the pieces in display. Each designer has a dedicated space and the means to ensure that the jewellery looks stunning. The architecture is modern, with a brilliantly abstract lisp to it. The black, white and grey colour palette is symbolic of the iron-clad trust that consumers can put in the brand. The entire store looks like a dream in glass, with fibre tubes strung around like a magnanimous shimmery curtain, with a clever play of lights. It is grandiose and unique at the same time. It’s almost dreamlike — a fit allegory for all the designers who get a chance to fulfil their dreams inside. The lighting is strategic, with just enough to brighten the contours of the pieces. While the traditional long tables are present, the glass displays stand like erstwhile marble busts for maximum impact. For people who love their privacy, Varuna has sequestered coffee tables for a more personal shopping experience.


The treasure inside

Different women like different kinds of jewellery, says Varuna. Ably, she has classified them. While there are women who love flaunting statement pieces, there is a traditional group too, who love their gold and temple jewellery. Trendsetters need a different genre of jewellery and others, prefer something classic with a twist. “Since the dream of adorning the entire country is so big, a single genre of jewellery is not what Ruani aims at,” she adds.

With about nine Indian and four international designers displaying their cutting-edge designs, consumers will find designs that fit their individual personality, mood and pocket. Available in a wide price range, Ruani houses necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and bangles. It’s a marketplace of the best designers where consumers can differentiate and validate their purchases through different genres.

Identity is very important, especially for a designer. Ruani aims to adorn an entire country with the very best that the industry has to offer and provide a platform and distribution system to talented designers looking for a space to express themselves. All in one, its is a soulful gathering of noble thoughts — a sisterhood with glittering plans.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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