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‘Emily in Paris’ inspires Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers to create Mon Amour range



‘Emily in Paris’ inspires Darshana Sanjanaa Jewellers to create Mon Amour range

Inspiration comes from myriad sources. Surviving the neck-and-neck competition in the gem and jewellery industry, every brand strives for unique offerings. In the case of Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers, Mumbai, the prime cue for their latest collection named Mon Amour, is a highly popular Netflix show.

Indeed, it is ‘Emily in Paris’. It is a comedy-drama series revolving around the struggles of marketer from The United States setting sail for a career in the French capital. Although the series has received mixed reviews on the platform, it has found its fan following amongst a huge chunk of the fashion-forward generation, and Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers is tapping into that fanbase while promoting its range consisting of earrings, neckpieces, diamond bands and chains.

Often the most minimalistic message gets attention the fastest, which is what the brand has done by sharing a creative naming of the collection inspired by the Netflix title’s name, with The Eiffel Tower on the left. Thereafter, several images of layered chains with evil eyes, diamond bands and rings have been posted with different snaps of Lily Collins, who played the character of Emily Cooper in the series and have been spotted wearing brilliant jewellery. The collection is essentially a tribute to the French style statement of the title.

Speaking about the collection, Darshana Aswani, chief jewellery designer, Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers, said, “The collection is inspired by fashionable French characters portrayed in the show. The statement pieces are very minimal and resonate with everybody.” Highlighting the popularity of stackables all across jewellery and accessories, Aswani said the Mon Amour range blends with workplace attires and late-night parties in equal measure, thus emphasizing ‘luxury for every day’.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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