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GemPundit’s brand-new Engagement Ring segment: Four top gemstones that are perfect to kindle blossoming relationships



GemPundit’s brand-new Engagement Ring segment: Four top gemstones that are perfect to kindle blossoming relationships

From Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham and Penelope Cruz, there’s one prominent thing all these famous and gorgeous women have in common is an out-of-the-box engagement ring made with eccentric and soul-stirring gemstones. Recently, a Netflix show, The Crown, has ignited the popularity of the most sought-after engagement ring in history, the Blue Sapphire one that Princess Diana wore. Given that this timeless engagement ring’s following still hasn’t diminished, it is pretty evident that gemstone engagement rings are gradually taking a prominent place in modern-day culture.

In this context, India’s leading online provider of authentic and rare gemstones, along with transcendent astrological assistance, GemPundit, is all set to launch their latest Gemstone Engagement Ring Section with top four gemstones: Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, and Tanzanite, at discounted prices. Consumers will be able to get these precious gemstone studded rings until the end of the ongoing GemPundit Mega Festive Season Sale, scheduled to conclude on September 24th.


On this occasion, Nitin Yadav, Founder & CEO, GemPundit said, “Adding another feather to our gemstones studded crown, we are extremely glad to launch our latest Engagement Ring segment. Since we are launching it during the online Mega Festive Season Sale consumers will be able to buy these premium-grade rings paired with hefty discounts. As of now we are starting with four precious gemstones Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald and Tanzanite. Gradually, we’ll add more colourful and soulful crystals moulded into elegant and panache engagement rings. At GemPundit, we have always strived to offer consumers with 100% authentic and certified gemstones with added Astrological assistance and Pooja ceremonies. We believe that traditional gemstone values combined with contemporary charisma is a match made in heaven.”

It is pertinent to note that the GemPundit Mega Festive Season Sale is ongoing in its full glory with enormous traction from astrological experts, gemstone enthusiasts and collectors.

For consumer’s benefits, here is a brief description of top four gemstone choices available at the GemPundit’s latest Engagement Ring section:

Blue Sapphire or Neelam

Blue Sapphires are traditionally known as one of the most popular gemstones for betrothal rings. It summons love and compassion by surrounding the wearer and nearby people with positive vibrations. The stone also provides fidelity benefits and encourages calm and relaxed solutions for commitment-related issues. Originally priced between INR 71,000 to INR 9,90,500, the Blue Sapphire engagement rings will be available at a whopping 15% discount during the GemPundit Mega Festive Season Sale.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Associating with the kind powers of Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is the epitome of marital bliss. The stone promotes companionship and ignites pure love between lovebirds. Yellow Sapphires are the best stones for stimulating benevolence, allowing wearers to navigate the many ups and downs of a relationship easily. Available at a remarkable 15% discount, the Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings are originally priced between Rs 47,000 to Rs 5,90,500

Emerald or Panna

Combining loyalty and passion in one stone, Emerald gemstone has been a remarkable promise stone since eternity. Renowned for sparking love and releasing positivity, kindness, and freshness in relationships, the stone is perfect for a would-be life partner. Priced with 15% discounts during the GemPundit Mega Festive Season Sale, Emerald studded engagement rings are otherwise available between Rs 55,000 to Rs 7,90,500.

Tanzanite or Blue Zoisite

 The constant battle of heart and mind is a barrier in many great love stories, but with the help of Tanzanite, gemstone, one can easily create a matchless balance between the two. Sparking harmony, mutual respect, and care, the stone can eliminate the couple’s negative energies and help them live a beautiful life. Tanzanite engagement rings will be available at a 15% discount during the GemPundit Mega Festive Season Sale. The original price range of the same lies between Rs 1,42,000 to Rs 9,24,500.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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