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Tanishq reinvents its wedding brand Rivaah in a new avatar



In India, wedding rituals and jewellery are closely connected and go together. Tanishq, India’s most trusted and loved jewellery brand has unveiled a new brand proposition for its wedding exclusive sub-brand Rivaah– ‘A Jewel for every Tradition’.

Every piece of wedding jewellery is a symbol of beautiful rituals that are the soul of a wedding. Understanding this very emotion, Rivaah for Tanishq unveils the new brand proposition of ‘Jewel for every tradition’ for the millennial brides-to-be. The new proposition from Rivaah by Tanishq communicates the meaning & significance of every ritual & jewellery the bride wears. This proposition has been brought alive through a beautiful story filled with symbolism & emotion.

The new campaign film showcases a series of brides from six communities – Punjabi, Bihari, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil and even though the stories showcase cultural diversity inherent to Indian weddings, they sync up to deliver a coherent message – our rich heritage that forms the backbone of our weddings.

On the products front, Rivaah by Tanishq has balanced regional designs with modern look. Through its superior craftsmanship Tanishq brings elegance & new age aesthetics to regional trousseaus. The Jewels from Rivaah incorporate fine workmanship with beautifully recreating inspiration from Indian embroideries of various states of India like Phulkari, Gottapatti, Sujani, Kashida, Kantha etc. beautifully put together on a canvas for jewellery designs. We have picked up patterns like Floral motifs, Pine, Chinar, Creepers, Geometric patterns that celebrate the luxuriance of Indian thread work.The new designs under Rivaahexuberates richness with use of unique karigari techniques like- Spring wire, Chandak work, Filgree, Rawa work etc.

Speaking about Rivaah, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd, said “Weddings are undeniably one of the most memorable moments of our lives and wedding jewellery holds a special place in our hearts as it embodies priceless sentiments, symbolizes our diverse ethnicities & the richness of our traditions. Rivaah by Tanishq celebrates this richness and diversity of Indian weddings from the lens of a National Local Jeweller. Rivaah by Tanishq has a wide range of stunning handcrafted bridal jewellery trousseau for today’s millennial bride. The Rivaah bride is classic in her wish to immerse herself in her wedding rituals while also being closely participative in understanding their symbolism.”

“With the proposition of  ‘A Jewel for Every Tradition’ we speak to this new-age confident bride, who is modern in her outlook yet deeply rooted in traditional values, bringing alive the meaning and significance of every piece of jewellery in her bridal trousseau.”

“Be it the Shakha Pola bangles or the Jadanagam, be it the Nath or the Maang Tikka – each has a significant role to play in a bride’s trousseau. As a marker of auspicious beginnings, each piece invokes divine blessings and celebrates the beautiful journey our brides are to take.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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