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N Gopaldaas Jewellers cures school kids’ boredom with talent show across branches



N Gopaldaas Jewellers cures school kids’ boredom with talent show across branches

Schoolchildren are finally getting some much-needed diversion, all thanks to N Gopaldaas Jewellers’ talent show.  With many schools remaining closed due to Covid-related lockdowns, there is a lot of dormant energy in children today, which the jewellery brand has decided to showcase with the talent show on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Speaking about the initiative, Chaitali Shah, Director, N Gopaldaas Jewellers said, “Some schools have opened as the pandemic continues, for which many parents are still reluctant to send their children to schools. This doesn’t allow recreational activities to children. So, we have organized this contest across our branches.”

Participants will have to register themselves through the phone number shared on the official Instagram page of the jeweller. They can also call the showroom and register themselves directly. Till now, no age limit has been kept by the jeweller and depending on the entries, the participants would be segregated into different age groups.

In order to give more convenience to the participants, the jeweller is also open to conducting the ‘Talent Show’ inside the housing and gated societies in case of bulk entries from a particular society or area. However, that show would be treated as separate from the original show held in the showroom.

Children will be invited in batches of five and would get to exhibit their talents other than those seen in the usual singing and dancing competitions. “Children have many talents. Some might be good at comedy, while others can be good musicians, dancers, singers, cartoonists, magicians, jugglers or even a photographer. We have kept the categories open so that children express themselves freely. Every participant will get a certificate and the winners will be announced by the judges,” added Shah.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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