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The Diamondstore by Chandubhai launches ‘everyday wear’ Jewellery Collection



Pairing your outfit with the right jewellery can be tricky at times but not with diamonds as they effortlessly team up with both contemporary and traditional wear. The Diamondstore by Chandubhai offers lightweight sparkling jewels that are an epitome of sophistication and class.

The classic collection is made synonymous with the cool summer vibe. These are the jewellery “must-haves” as they are wearable and affordable to the pocket. With consumers affirming their confidence in the brand, they have been able to build a broader inventory in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Pair it with any outfit and it blends seamlessly adding an alluring touch.

“Customers now demand attractive jewellery, featuring intricate designs, but at a reasonable rate. And young people make up for the big share of online buyers today, they often end up buying everyday wear items while browsing through our website. They prefer lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear pieces over showy pieces. About 20% of the inventory presently is in the lightweight category.”, said Kotti Srikanth, Owner – The Diamondstore by Chandubhai.

The collection consists of flawless diamonds in beautiful shapes of princess, round, pear, marquise and radiant cuts, with a blend of gemstones like blue sapphire, golden topaz and emerald making it an ideal choice for daily wear adornment.

Crafted with excellence, minimalistic designs edition line by The Diamondstore by Chandubhai is set to change the notion of jewellery being used for one-fine-day to an everyday wear. The brand has become synonymous with priceless experiences. Take a look at their latest collection that will compel you to add some much-need glimmer in your everyday wear.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service


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