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The De Beers Forevermark Forum has been a landmark event and learning ground for the last decade

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Pratap Kamath, Abaran Jewellers, Bengaluru, speaks to Samit Bhatta, publisher, The Retail Jeweller India magazine, about his expectations at the De Beers Forevermark Forum

The De Beers Forevermark Forum 2022 is coming soon and this year is very special as they celebrate the 75th year of their “A diamond is forever” tagline. How has your association been with them with their Code of Origin programme and others?

We are excited about the forum. The recently launched Forevermark boutique at one of our stores has done exceptionally well. I think the experience of shopping from a boutique is always different from an in-shop experience. We are really happy with our sales, although the prices of diamonds have gone up. Solitaire sales have been great. We are overjoyed with the Code of Origin programme that we have tied up with De Beers for. It is currently present in three of our showrooms in Bengaluru. It has seen great results as the customers are very happy with the way the Code of Origin programme has been planned and executed.

What are your expectations from the forum?

The De Beers Forevermark Forum has been a landmark event for the last decade or so. This is because there are always so many new things to learn, be it speakers that they have for the knowledge series or the newest technology that is revolutionising the industry. I always look forward to the three days. Also, in terms of design, it gives us insights into what is trending from the different Forevermark manufacturers. My daughter, who is studying economics and business in the USA, is also coming down to attend the event. It will be a great place for her to learn before she joins us in our business.

What are your views on the business as it is progressing this financial year for De Beers Forevermark, and diamonds as a whole?

Business will be good despite price hike. People feel they don’t want to miss the bus as diamonds have always been a great investment. We look forward to seeing a great year of selling.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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