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EJI, Suvarnam Jewels impress buyers with contemporary lightweight gold ranges



EJI, Suvarnam Jewels impress buyers with contemporary lightweight gold ranges

*Fusion of modern and traditional designs

*Lightweight jewellery

*Filigree and engraving work

*Technology such as hollow tubing, electro foaming used

The fusion of modern ideas and traditional thoughts is one of the key aspects in Emeralds’ contemporary gold jewellery launched during IIJS. The contemporary collection sees a lot of focus on different types of textures and finish.

Akash Talesara, Design Head, Emerald said, “This time, we have come up with more technological advancements when it comes to jewellery making to make it lighter in weight. This is because today’s bride does not want to wear heavy necklaces on their wedding day. Even in the case of garments or clothing, the fashion trends have shifted from heavy to lighter material.”Thus, the brand is imbibing similar trends in the bridal jewellery segment for lighter pieces and lighter ways of creating jewellery that provides more value and comfort at a lesser price. “The most important thing in contemporary jewellery is that it has to be comfortable to the neck,” added Talesara.

Image: Emerald

According to Akash, gone are those days when the brides used to wear kilos of jewellery on their bodies, caring nothing about personal comfort. “Today’s woman wants comfort in their personal life with their husband as well as in wearing jewellery during the wedding. Apart from filigree and engraving work, chains, hollow tubing, method, electro foaming methods have been used, so that the product looks big and also comfortable to wear,” he said.

Image: Suvarnam Jewels

Another manufacturer, Suvarnam Jewels had launched new designs in bridal jewellery for the upcoming bridal season. According to Akshit Patadia, Proprietor, Suvarnam Jewels, the detailing and craftsmanship makes the collection different from others in the market.

Image: Suvarnam Jewels

“The exclusive thing about the bridal necklaces is their fitting style. Keeping in mind the requirements and taste of the modern bride, we have made detachable bridal necklaces that allows the bride to wear the jewellery on multiple occasions even after the wedding. Unlike previously, when the brides used to wear heavy jewellery only during the wedding day and keep it in the lockers, today’s brides look for bridal sets which can be worn on different occasions,” said Patadia. The jewellery range is in 22K gold with weight around 200-250 grams.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

Image Courtesy: Emerald

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