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Exceptional jewellery to make each day feel special from Perfectly Average



Exceptional jewellery to make each day feel special from perfectly average

Mumbai:  For the longest time, jewellery in India has been associated with festivities. Special occasions, celebrations, pomp and circumstance with the concept of ‘everyday jewels’ being almost alien to most women.

I’m sure we all remember our grandmothers, aunts and mothers painstakingly pulling out elaborate heirloom sets to wear to weddings before putting them away for the next year or so while we looked longingly at the pretty baubles and wished we could wear them to that birthday party at the weekend.

Perfectly Average

Enter the Golden Hour jewellery collection from Perfectly Average, the clothing and accessory brand that brings something special into the everyday.

Evocative of the warmth of the setting sun, the collection features simple, elegant designs that are ideal for a day at the office, a quick round of drinks or a long leisurely brunch at the weekend.

Wear them on their own, or hop on to the layering trend that has taken the global fashion stage by storm, whatever your style identity, the Golden Hour collection is guaranteed to have something that you love.

Perfectly Average

Necklaces, perfect for layering, stackable bracelets,  statement rings in bold patterns and earrings to make heads turn wherever you go, the clean lines, geometric shapes and timeless designs of Perfectly Average’s Golden Hour jewellery collection brings that perfect touch of glamour into your life.

“There’s a quiet confidence that comes from knowing you look your best and the Golden Hour collection will make sure you feel that way every day. Reasonably priced and accessible to the professional millennial woman, you can comfortably change up your jewellery regularly to match your mood”, says Tarushi – Founder, Perfectly Average

Say goodbye to waiting endlessly for the perfect celebration to pull out and show off your beautiful jewels. Get ready to celebrate every day, and make it just as special as you are.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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