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Belisma Jewels threads friendship with lightweight diamond collection this August

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Belisma Jewels friendship day collection

Friendship Day is usually associated with bands, promises and oodles of fun. However, Belisma Jewels, Surat, has created a new opportunity for gifting jewellery on this occasion by instilling the unconditional and timeless bond of friendship in lightweight segment.

The brand has gone all out on friendship with their impressive #gemofafriendcollection, which is launching on August 1. When asked what prompted her to explore this angle of human relationship as opposed to the usual choices of wedding and romance, Ritu Seth, owner, Belisma Jewels, reflected on the importance of friendship in her life.


“I’m blessed with friends since kindergarten and had decided to wear the same bracelets on our 40th birthday. That thought gave way to the idea of glorifying friendship through jewellery. This is a timeless and unconditional, rare relationship. Friendship, like diamonds is forever and is natural,” said Seth.

This is why this happy collection stays true to friendship across ages. The campaign on Instagram also shows friendship in as young as 8 year olds. This gives a far wider customer base for the brand to target as opposed to niche segments like bridal and 9-to-5 jewellery. The collection is still very lightweight and goes well with casual attires such as denim and shirts as worn by models on the brand’s social media impressions. “Focusing on the rarity and energy of diamonds. The youngest diamond has millions of years of formation of history. Channellingthat rarity with the emotional treasure of friendship, this collection comes alive with many customization options,” said the retailer.

Since pandemic struck, the inclination has veered from flaunting jewellery to feeling jewellery for emotional fulfilment. This interesting insight from Seth sits well with the fact that jewellery is to be worn now and “not kept for the lockers”. This is where ‘Gem of a Friend’ is poised to score well and resonate with children, youth and the elders alike.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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